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Co-Counselling Teacher Training 2023 (two last-minute places opened up - please register interest before Sept 6th)
di 11 jul 2023., di 25 jul 2023., di 12 sep 2023., di 26 sep 2023., di 10 okt 2023., di 24 okt 2023.

A co-counselling teacher training led by Tonya Christie (and assisted by Wendy Bruce), for trained co-counsellors who would like to run coco courses of their own. Tonya has been teaching regular... Read more

Autumn Online Co-Counselling Training (now starting Oct 12 - a few places left!)
do 12 okt 2023., do 9 nov 2023., do 14 dec 2023., do 18 jan 2024., do 15 feb 2024., do 29 feb 2024., do 21 mrt 2024.

This online, international co-counselling training, run by long-time CCI co-counselling teacher Tonya Christie (Tonya has been teaching co-counselling since she was 20 and was the first person to... Read more

do 23 nov 2023. tot zo 26 nov 2023.
Verenigd Koninkrijk

Autumn East CCI Co-Counselling Workshop at Clare Priory in Suffolk.

CCI Southern Spring Residential
wo 13 mrt 2024. tot zo 17 mrt 2024.
Verenigd Koninkrijk

Welcome to the calming atmosphere of the EarthSpirit Centre. We will be organising a four day workshop here in March 2024 at this wonderful venue, a converted barn complex in the secluded Somerset... Read more

European CCI 2024 in Germany
vrij 12 jul 2024. tot vrij 19 jul 2024.

CCI 2024 Germany

Meeting each other, growing and celebrating life!
Sich begegnen,... Read more