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Coco at Barmoor Summer 2022
ו' 24 יוני 2022. עד ב' 27 יוני 2022.
Hutton le Hole
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Come along to the 31st summer weekend at Barmoor, a wonderful location on the edge of the North York Moors. The house is homely and on the edge of gentle moors with heather; the village is... Read more

Co-Counselling Teacher Training
ג' 5 יולי 2022., ג' 19 יולי 2022., ג' 6 ספט' 2022., ג' 20 ספט' 2022., ג' 11 אוק' 2022., ג' 25 אוק' 2022.

A co-counselling teacher training led by Tonya Christie, for trained co-counsellors who would like to run coco courses of their own. Tonya has been teaching regular Fundamentals trainings for 30... Read more

European CCI
א' 24 יולי 2022. עד ש' 30 יולי 2022.

We would like to invite you to the CCI Europe 2022 in The Netherlands, from Sunday 24 July (arrival from: 15:00h) till Saturday 30 July (end: 12:00h) 2022

I see and feel who I really am.... Read more

Cocounselling families week - CANCELLED
ו' 19 אוג' 2022. עד ו' 26 אוג' 2022.
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Sadly we have had to cancel this event as we did not get enough bookings.

Twixmas in the Yorkshire Dales
ג' 27 דצמ' 2022. עד ו' 30 דצמ' 2022.
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We are excited to announce a Twixmas co-counselling residential from 27th to 30th December 2022, at Beamsley in the Yorkshire Dales.

Last year a group of Co-counsellors enjoyed a convivial... Read more

CCI Southern Spring Residential
ד' 22 מרץ 2023. עד א' 26 מרץ 2023.
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Welcome to the calming atmosphere of the EarthSpirit Centre. We will be organising a four day workshop here in March 2023 at this wonderful venue, a converted barn complex in the secluded Somerset... Read more