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Sufffolk Autumn CCI 2019
ה' 7 נוב' 2019. עד ב' 11 נוב' 2019.
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The Autumn Eastern Co-Counselling Workshop returns this year to Newmarket, Suffolk. The Old Stables House is a delightful, comfortable, and easily accessible venue with plenty of parking. We will... Read more

  • Event type: Residential CCI Workshop
Here-and-Now Group at Barmoor 13-16 Dec 2019
ו' 13 דצמ' 2019. עד ב' 16 דצמ' 2019.
Hutton le Hole YO62 6UE
North Yorkshire
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Hello wonderful co-counsellors

I am pleased to invite you to this event that I have organised….
NB it’s already nearly full… only 2 places are left.

Meeting Yourself and Others... Read more

  • Event type: Residential CCI Workshop
CCI Southern Spring Event at Earthspirit Centre
ד' 18 מרץ 2020. עד א' 22 מרץ 2020.
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Welcome to the calming atmosphere of the EarthSpirit Centre. We will be organising a four day workshop here in March 2019 at this wonderful venue, a converted barn complex in the secluded Somerset... Read more

  • Event type: Co-Counselling Workshops
Co-counselling Facilitator Foundation Programme
ה' 14 מאי 2020., ה' 28 מאי 2020., ה' 11 יוני 2020., ה' 25 יוני 2020., ה' 2 יולי 2020., ה' 9 יולי 2020. עד א' 12 יולי 2020., ה' 23 יולי 2020.
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A Co-Counselling Facilitator Training led by Tonya Stewart, for trained co-counsellors who would like to develop their facilitation skills, with support. Tonya has been teaching regular... Read more

  • Event type: Teachers Workshop