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Basic requirements to take part in a (US) CCI event
Last updated:
ג' 27 יולי 2021.

I'm uploading a document called "Essential Skills to Participate in One CCI-USA Event". This was adopted by the USA CCI teachers and Community Committee in December 2013. It was provided by Gail... Read more

Teacher Training
Last updated:
א' 3 ינו' 2021.

Info on ways of teaching coco, example exercises, etc

Last updated:
ד' 30 דצמ' 2020.

Outside of co-counselling, a Counsellor is someone you have sessions with who tries to help you resolve problems that you have or improve your life in some way. They have various types and levels... Read more

The Co-Med Session Contract
Last updated:
ש' 12 דצמ' 2020.

In 1997/1998 Martin Wilks organised a Co-operative enquiry into how Meditation and Co-counselling can be usefully combined in a single session. It was part... Read more

CoCo Open Space
Last updated:
א' 9 אוג' 2020.


The main aim of a CoCo Open Space workshop is to bring together co-counsellors with shared interests and common needs so that they can co-create a meaningful and relevant Co-... Read more

Cooperative Inquiry
Last updated:
ש' 8 אוג' 2020.

The core idea of cooperative inquiry, also known as collaborative inquiry, is to 'research with’ rather than to ‘research on’ people. This means that all active participants are... Read more

CCI Co-Counselling
Last updated:
א' 2 אוג' 2020.

Co-Counselling provides an opportunity for people to... Read more

Rescue Triangle
Last updated:
ג' 28 יולי 2020.

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Last updated:
ש' 30 דצמ' 2017.

The purpose of Confidentiality in Co-Counselling is to provide the client with a safe space in sessions, circles sharing rounds and workshops to express their experience without a... Read more

Last updated:
ש' 30 דצמ' 2017.

In daily life when people or organisations set up a contract they clarify together what they can expect from each other in certain situations. These expectations form the core of the contract.... Read more