Workshops on offer for McCoCo 2011

The actual workshop program is open and anyone can offer a co-counselling workshop on the spot or ask for a topic group, massage, meditation and indeed anything what makes your and other people's heart sing. For last year's McCoCo we experimented with enticing people to offer their workshops in an earlier stage so that we could publish them beforehand and attract even more people to McCoCo. See last year's workshops on offer beforehand. This year we will do the same. Here you can find the workshops on offer for McCoCo 2011.

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Special Events


The ‘Evidence’ Forum and CoCo Café

Opening of the ‘Just Listen’ Photo Exhibition

Beltane Fire and Maypole Celebration

Offered by Lilian Brzoska

The Listen Project


Last year’s CoCo Café inspired Graham Colbourne to offer his ‘Connecting’ workshop that turned out to be a very popular one. One of its spin-offs was that it brought people together who are very interested in the Listening aspect of Connections between people, Co-Counselling and CoCo Café.  The Listening Project has been born. Here below you see a rich offering of workshops approaching Listening each from their own angle.

Listening to your Longings by Creating Art

Offered by Dymphna Headen from Ireland

The Six Listening Modes

Offered by Marjan Tuk

Listening, Dialogue & Relational Depth

Offered by Grahame Jack from Scotland

Focusing - listening and sensing into your body

Offered by Eileen O’Connell from England

Expressing Yourself

Offered by Lilian Brzoska from Scotland

Active Listening and Disagreement

Offered by JanPieter Hoogma from the Netherlands and Scotland.

Photo project ‘Just Listening’

Offered by Rudolf Giesselmann from Germany.

Listening and Expressing your Inner Movements

Offered by Ian O’Sullivan and JanPieter Hoogma

Community and Network Development


Getting on with Difficult People

Offered by John Talbut.

World Café - What next?


CoCoInfo: the Facebook and LinkedIn of Co-Counselling?

Offered by  JanPieter Hoogma from Europe.

Other Special and Exciting Workshops

Back to Basics: CCI Co-Counselling in a nutshell.

Offered by Sue Gray and John Talbut

‘RelationShipWreck?’ ... Or creating an even better relationship!

Offered by Steve Roche & Sue Gray

Traumatic Incident Reduction

Offered by Celia Wilson (and perhaps Colin Stroud) 

Manifesting your Desires

Offered by Gucci

A Special Support Group

Photographers support group

Offered by Rudolf Giesselmann from Germany.

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