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This is an organic list with supporting information of the issues and possibilities for improving our presence on the Internet .  The invitation is to try to stay with positive information and if an item is disagreed with to put forward an alternative possibility.

Web site design

Develop a logo and guidelines for backgrounds and layout so that CCI sites can be recognisably from the same organisation.

Portal site

A site that will link to other CCI sites.


CCI urls will all redirect to the portal site

The portal will be an additional site and other urls will direct to their own sites

This would increase the number of CCI sites that people are able to find.

The styles of the different CCI sites will appeal to different audiences and give us a wider reach.

Different web managers or teams are encouraged to use their ideas and creativity to improve the effectiveness of their sites.

Different ideas can be compared to see how well they work.

This will demonstrate diversity in CCI, that there is not a corporate orthodoxy that people would have to adhere to, only a set of core principals and we can disagree about everything else.

The portal will be for CCI internationally

There are international domain names available such as

Common link page

This is a page such as that the “Links” tab on all participating CCI would link to. This would help consistent, accurate and up to date links to be maintained.

Measuring effectiveness

Develop systems for measuring how effective our sites are. Logging hits is a start. Can we also record click throughs and which sites they go to? Can we track how many enquiries lead to someone doing a core training?