Minutes of the McCoCo Conference 3 May 2011

Participants: Celia. Dympna, JanPieter, John, Joyce, Lilian, Margaret, Marjan, Rudolf, Sally


  1. Co-coaching]
  2. Presentation of the Haus Kloppenburg model by JP
  3. Financial resourcing
  4. Using Excellence of co-counselling to promote co-counselling

General impression of the conference

1. Co-coaching

as an example of combining co-counseling and working in specific field of work.

Input Celia her 5 elements

Action list:

  • contact co-counselers out the network who are doing life-coaching
  • set up a co-Coaching group at CoCoInfo
  • mailing-list, group-skype?

2. Presentation of the 'Haus Kloppenburg' model

Input JP model presentation

Action list:

  • JP is wroting a business report on Haus Kloppenburg.

3. Financial resourcing

input/ general information will be published also in the group financial resources?

Action list:

  • Salie: creating group ad coco-info with the name: financial resourcing. She will be the group administrator
  • Salie sending minutes of business meeting England (?) to all
  • Sallie: teachers meeting November

4. Using Excellence of co-counselling to promote co-counselling

Rudolf’s procedure: resonance listening

5. General impression of the Conference

JP: I enjoyed very much the relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.

Action list:

  • Contribution Lillian in attachment done
  • Creating a CoCoInfo group: 'How to make money with co-counselling?. This is an umbrella with general information like the notes and links to subgroups.