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We think McCoCo 2010 is going to be very, very exciting and inspiring. The only way we can make this clear is by telling which workshops we know of that are already now on offer!!

Community Development

World Café

Offered by Rudolf Giesselmann from Germany.


Special Co-Counselling workshops

Back to Basics: CCI Co-Counselling in a nutshell.

Offered by John Talbut

Extended Contract - Beyond the Fundamentals

Offered by Richard Mills

Creating a Space and Focussing

Offered by Grahame Jack


Offered by Rachel Walmsley

Co-Maturing into Old Age

Offered by Anne Denniss and JanPieter Hoogma


We are still in search of people who could offer this workshop and we have good hope! Otherwise we wouldn't have mentioned it here.

Promoting Co-Counselling

Co-Coaching, Co-Creation and Co-Maturing as Templates for Promoting Co-Counselling

Offered by JanPieter Hoogma from the Netherlands and Scotland

Designing Web Sites to Promote Co-Counselling

Offered by Mark Burns, John Talbut and JanPieter Hoogma .

Other Special and Exciting Workshops

Global Body Immersion

Offered by Ian O’Sullivan

Photo project ‘Just Listening’

Offered by Rudolf Giesselmann from Germany.

Family Constellations

offered by Eileen O'Connell

A Special Support Group

Photographers support group

Offered by Rudolf Giesselmann from Germany.