These wiki pages can be edited by any member of the CCIS project on CoCoInfo.

What is the purpose of this Wiki

The aim is to create a document from that

  1. contains clearly define Objectives for CCIS, as assessable objects>
    In other words we can assess whether we have achieved them.
  2. reflects accurately the conflicts and disagreements contained in these objectives
    plus have summary section of those conflicts and disagreements
  3. is acknowledged by all stakeholders in the CCIS as reflecting their point of view as well.

What is the perspective of this document?

  1. Initially some people will develop this document
  2. Then this document will be distributed in print and by email to all people interested and involved in the first mediation workshop. The response will be fed back into this doument.
  3. At some point there will be a PPHV meeting to discuss its contents and check for its accurate representation of what is going on.
  4. Once this document is agreed on, it will be distributed to the CCIS network
  5. The next step might be...
    having meetngs and mediation talks to sort out the underlying conflcits and disagreements.
  6. Eventually an AGM can make the final decision about one or more objectives.

How can you contribute?

  • Check whether your point of view has been represented in the document
  • Add your point of view in the text, if it is not already there
  • Contribute to the discussion of each objective under its discussion tab.
  • Improve the English for clarity and correctness


The Conflict mediation workshop of 17 October delivered a mass of results. See attachments.

Paul Holder's recommendation was to condense the many Strategic Objectives into five or six categories. This has been done during the PPHV meeting of 26 October.