CoCo Open Space - Scotland


During last CoCo Open Space event in the beginning of April in Edinburgh twenty-five! people have been involved. And the following groups are now available:

Men's group
Contact Richard Horobin and Geoff Row
0141-328 7305 roweghatgmail[dot]com

Healthy weight
A Cooperative Inquiry group: changing small habits to enjoy food and exercise in a healthy way. This group is certainly going to start!
Contact JanPieter Hoogma
0131-551 6146 janpieteratco-cornucopia[dot]org[dot]uk

CoCo Network Forum
Want to organise something in Co-Counselling? Want to support other people organising something? Come to the CoCo Network Forum. This open group runs already for some time.
Contact Pete Fantes
0131-447 5815 pete[dot]fantesatvirgin[dot]net

Learn simple songs /chants from around the world and meditate. This group is certainly going to start!
Contact Pascoe Hooper
077 6784 8414 pascoeonpianoathotmail[dot]co[dot]uk

Now group
A fluid, flowing group with little structure allowing spontaneity, loosening of fronts and willingness to be in the moment interpersonal interaction. This group is certainly going to start!
Contact Grahame Jack
0131 552 6874