During the European CCI 2010 in Ireland, Dymphna Headen very much encouraged people like Agota Ruzsa, Rudolf Gieselmann and Lilian Brzoska to introduce the ideas of World Café and Dialogue. Here below you will find an overview of what happened. Feel free to add to this report or to discuss things on its discussion pages. In the download you find the orginal document what is the basis of this Wiki.

Saturday + Sunday 24/7 + 25/7 2010

Dialogue / CoCo Café: their guidelines are used to create a start of the self-organizing structure of the CCI gathering.

Theme: What is the new and good for the CCI we can create this week?

Method: Listen to the connection / allow to be inspired and inspire / enquire, what you don't know yet.

Total participants: ± 55 participants

Facilitators: Agota (Hungary) & Rudolf (Germany) and Lillian (Scotland)

Saturday Evening

Dialogue is an embedded part of the opening circle.
Aims: Work on the theme, taster of CoCo Café, getting to know each other.


  • Welcome by rhythm (drum is played).
  • Brief introduction of the two facilitators of the opening circle.
  • Silence: 3 minutes.
  • Mini-Session: No theme, 2 x 10 minutes
  • Large circle: Everyone speaks up and introduces her/himself: Name, something, what's on top?
  • In groups of four: Dialogue about the above mentioned theme - 20 minutes
    Method on flipchart is read aloud..
  • Mini-Session: Validating 'Being able to be here', 2 x 2 minutes
  • Welcome words of the organizers

Sunday Morning

Continuation of the opening circle. First CoCo Café, to get to know the method and to work on getting the self organizing process of the gathering started.


  • Schedule of the morning is shown on flipchart
  • Silence
  • Walk in 2s in silence
  • Exchange of a head and shoulder massage 2 x 2 minutes
  • Larger session: No theme, 2 x 30 minutes.
  • CoCo Café: The World café process with the aim to contribute to the workshops for the week and organizing support groups.
    Elements of CoCo Café:
    • Entering the CoCo Café room. 12 tables with 4-5 chairs. A flipchart as table cloth plus felt-pens in a cup on every table.
    • Playing piano (Margaret)
    • CoCo Café Questions to work on at the tables in 3 rounds. (90 minutes in total)
      • 1st  round: what moves you in sessions/workshops this week?
      • 2nd round: What common themes/threads are you hearing?
      • 3rd round: What offering and/or request do you bring for the week?
        Finishing last round with writing notepads with workshop offers and requests for the week
  • In large group: Participants stick notepads to prepared flipcharts with workshop slots for the week and to an additional flipchart for requests.
  • Large circle: Conflict resolution persons are asked to volunteer and written down
  • Support group themes are written down on flipcharts at the floor. And participants gather together around these themes to build the groups. Groups are leaving for a short first meeting and to get the rooms allocated.

Outcomes of table dialogue (Round 3):


Monday to Wednesday – Co-Reflection Café

Co-Reflection Café is intended to support a self-organizing structure of the gathering and of co-counseling itself.

One hour after dinner - 7 to 8 pm.: 3 rounds of 15 min - after round 2 and 3 sharing in the group of  the 'outcomes' of tables on flipchart.

These flipcharts and all tablecloths were stuck to walls for the rest of the week.

Co-Reflection Café 1 - Monday 26/7

Facilitators: Agota (Hungary) Lillian (Scotland)
Total participants: ± 30 participants

Tune in with a song:

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,

may love (God) hold you in the palm of its (His) hand.

Traditional Irish blessing - metaphor on life as a journey


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Outcomes of table dialogues?

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Co-Reflection Café 2 - Tuesday 27/7

Facilitators: Rudolf (Germany) & Marlies (the Netherlands)
Total participants: ± 25 participants
Playing piano: Fred

Tune in with a poem:(by Charles Bukowski)

There’s a  bluebird in my heart
That wants to get outBut I am too tough for him
I say, stay there, I’m not going
To let anybody see you
There’s a bluebird in my heart that
Wants to get out


1: what is alive and echoing from conversations you had in  and outside the café

2: what are the connected issues – echoes – themes?

3: what dreams/ visions we have in common here?


Outcomes of Table Dialogues:

Collected after round 2

  • Good vibrations full moon resonance
  • New energy for aging hippies
  • Recognizing needs more / less structure
  • No rules/ more rules or new rules
  • As co-counsellors are we the last generation?
  • Generate / vitalize rebirth

Collected after round 3

  • Aging hippies: mentors for the next generation
  • Articulate, express, hold a space to find, to connect, to meaning for ourselves and for the next generation.
  • The olive (alive) branch” as name of a new magazine???
  • Moving from emotions into spirituality
  • Allowing differences, love will bridge them

Wednesday 28/7 Co-Reflection Café 3

Facilitators: Lillian (Scotland) and Agota (Hungary)
Total participants: ± 25 participants
Playing piano Fred

Tune in with a song: May the road rise up to meet you


1: What for you resounds about to day/the week?

2: What clarity have you gained from listening to one another this week?

3: What message will you carry to your community and to the next CCI?

Outcomes of table dialogues: ?

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Some Table Clothes

1. Table cloth on Sunday morning CoCo Café

  • Co-creating community
  • Structure – Balance – Chaos – Creativity
  • Allow new / different structures to emerge
  • Being open to …..?
  • Letting go ….
  • Meeting needs: others’ and mine
  • Goal of doing workshops
    • For myself
    • Earning money
    • Personal development

2. Table cloth on Sunday morning CoCo Café

  • Peer dating
  • Co-maturing
  • Social networking à FREEDOM
  • CoCo Info à perceived relevance
  • Enjoying little things in life

3. Table cloth on Sunday morning CoCo Café

  • Don’t forget the spiritual component of live, which is always a part of us
  • Share - experience - reciprocate – FUN – open
  • Every workshop is different: no rule, open format
    • Risk
    • Restimulatie
    • Assistant / help
    • Give of yourself
    • Participate
  • Confidence – Competence – Co-facilitate
  • Celebrate - Create - Communicate –
  • Change – respect – Stimulation – Synergy

4. Table cloth on Sunday morning CoCo Café

  • Turves, rabbits and cowpats: don’t forget a good spirit of harmony within it
  • Apple = symbol of Mother Earth: Gaia
  • Trust à safety and fear
  • Choice vs Pushed to work
  • Energy to work
  • Motivation to work
  • Curiosity
  • Aware of disharmony
  • Rested / good sleep à energy
  • To relief suffering
  • Trust
  • Drawn by beauty
  • Desire for serenity and peace
  • Hypothesis: “humanity’s problems are precipitated by the illusion of separation ….”

 5. Table cloth on Sunday morning CoCo Café

  • My belly is my Tom-Tom
  • What moves me to go to a workshop?
  • The facilitator
  • Awareness of distress
  • Unknown topic
  • Safety
  • Fun of writing
  • Topics: sexuality - aging - parenting

6. Table cloths on Wednesday Co-Reflection Café

  • Essentials
  • Experiments
  • Many surprises
  • Uncle TOM
  • Ice floating

7. Table cloths on Wednesday Co-Reflection Café

  • Connections patterns
  • Do roses want to be picked?
  • 3-Dimensional listening
  • 3-Viewing of what we are doing in relational context
  • What stage of co-operative development have we reached?
  • Propagate our skills in schools

8. Table Cloth Co-Reflection Café When?

  • What deep questions arise in us?
  • New words for counseler and client
  • Ally  à explorer
  • Co worker à client
  • Is there something known in the unknown.

9. Table cloths on Wednesday Co-Reflection Café


  • Clarity messages
  • The world is our community
  • Solid discourse on what matters in this community
  • Aging is normal
  • Find the way in between
  1. Collaboration
  2. Cooperation
  3. Conflict
  4. Be with what is
  • Ted.com± My stroke of insight. Jean B Taylor
  • Grá = love
  • Concern for others
  • What’s coming in 3 years? New neuro-science
  • Time that is rejected now
  • Perceived relevance

10. Table cloth on Wednesday Co-Reflection Café

  • Art of writing for next CCI with more emphasis
  • Support groups created in 7 minutes

11.Table cloth on Wednesday Co-Reflection Café

  • Coco is the soil to grow
  • Caring and getting to know your inner child, will make you whole and a peaceful human being
  • Find … as a grown up you’ll flower and make the world outside BETTER. Great
  • Finding your voice
  • Power – singing – metaphor – presence
  • Do roses want to be picked from the bush?
  • Are roses happy being taken from the rose garden?
  • The rose is a gift
  • Grandparents can spoil their grandchildren
  • They can be wonderful company
  • Value foreigners who speak English.
  • Beauty of language

12. Table cloth on Wednesday Co-Reflection Café

  • Facing limits and going beyond them
  • Supporting each other in aging/ while aging
  • Aging is a process which begins the day that we are born
  • Feeling a warm connection wishing each other all the best
  • Sensing what is happening in the group and take initiative
  • Facing limits and going beyond them