Purpose of these Mailing Lists

All the mailing lists below are made available for CCIS co-counsellors to mail other CCIS co-counsellors for co-counselling purposes.

To make these mailings effective

  • always use the latest versions from this web site
  • Please keep the Membership Administrator informed of bounces and other faults in the lists
    so I can update the lists and other people will not have the same problem.

Email Lists

All CCIS members with email addresses text file

All people interested in the Post Holders and Volunteers minutes. text file


  1. Open the document
  2. Use Ctrl-A (Windows) or Command-A (Mac) to select all email addresses
  3. Copy this to the Clipboard.
  4. Open your email program
  5. Paste this into the 'to:' or 'bcc:' section of the email addresses.
    Using the 'bcc:' section prevents the email list to be re-used. This stops it to get outdated or to be used for other purposes than the list is intended for.

Labels to be printed on 2*8 label sheets

Address List all individual CCIS members – Acrobat file

Address List of those CCIS members who do not have or regularly use their email.

Address Lists

Alphabetical on first name – doc file
Contains addresses, phone numbers and email addresses where applicable.