How to use CoCoInfo - an Introduction


  • Join or set up a group.  Much in CoCoInfo is organised around Groups.
  • Create content.  Content is mostly created from within a Group; you'll see a link to create content once you've joined a group.
  • Add a Gallery with Images relevant to Co-Counselling
  • Ask a question. The community will respond.
  • Raise an issue in the CoCoInfo Discussion Forum
  • Update your profile. This is a community site, after all; so share a little about yourself.

And, play around!  You'll find more as you just click around the site.

Welcome Co-Counsellor

Welcome Co-Counsellor,

This web site consists of several realms:

  1. You started in the Blue Public realm.
    Everybody on the Internet can view here the information made visible to the general public.

  2. The Mediterranean Tinted realm: the Co-Counselling Community itself.
    This is the realm you are in now. Here you can also view information that is made exclusively available to registered co-counsellors only . Here you can also publish your stories and contributions and edit wikis. These are documents that can be edited by all CoCoInfo members.
    Here you may want

    • translating English pages into Dutch, German, Hebrew or the other way around; or help with translating the user interface of this web site
    • write web help pages together with other co-counsellors
    • improve the clarity of already published wiki pages by editing them
    • submit feature requests for this web site so that it becomes more relevant for co-counselling and the networking of co-counsellors
  3. The Green Tinted realm.
    You will notice this, once you are a member of a group. Here you can also view information that is made exclusively available to the members of that group. Therefore you need to join that group.

Positive feedback and suggestions are welcome and can always be given via the [+]Feedback button on the bottom right of this web page.

Have a good time!

Forthcoming Residentials

These events are for CCI Co-Counsellors only.
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Coco at Barmoor Summer 2023
Fri 23 Jun. to Mon 26 Jun.
United Kingdom