In 1999, while organising CCI Europe in Scotland, we decided to set up an international pre-meeting to focus on the theme ‘How can new Co-Counsellors be supported to settle into Co-Counselling?’

As any teacher of Co-Counselling will know, not everyone who does Fundamentals carries on with Co-Counselling afterwards. We know that different communities have different practices.

We wanted to talk about this with Co-Counsellors from around the world to share their different viewpoints and experiences and hopefully to learn from each other and expand our ideas on this theme.To support the discussion at the meeting we wanted to gathe rinformation about as many people’s actual experiences of settling in as possible: to give us some real facts about what people had found difficult and what they had found supportive. So we sent out a questionnaire – ton ewsletters, communities, and over the internet.Almost 100 Co-Counsellors responded. This report provides a summary of what they said.

JanPieter Hoogma & Teresa Tinklin

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