Co-Counselling International is an international federation of Co-Counsellors and Co-Counselling communities.


Its purpose is to facilitate interaction of Co-Counselling communities by:

  • Sharing address lists of Co-Counsellors and enabling people to co-counsel when abroad or away from home in their own country.
  • Holding national and international federation workshops for Co-Counselling and for sharing developments in theory and method.
  • Publishing an international newsletter and such other publications as are necessary.
  • Maintaining archives of all material relevant to the history and development of Co-Counselling.
  • Holding a general C.C.I. business meeting and communicating the results to the contact persons, those present and the newsletter.

Shared Principles of Method

  • Co-Counselling is a two-way process among peers, each taking a turn as client and as counsellor, each exercising appropriate skills.
  • The client is self-directed.
  • The counsellor does not criticise, interpret or advise, and acts within a contract indicated by the client.
  • The Co-Counsellor affirms the value of discharge.

Shared Principle of Community

  • Co-Counsellors associate in a supportive community.
  • Each community develops its own organisational structure.
  • The reflection of the peer principle by the organisational structure is affirmed.

Federation Continuity Persons

The federation has Continuity Persons, consisting of the Financial Co-ordinators, the Communication Co-ordinators and six persons to fill three year terms. Two terms become vacant each year.

The federation Continuity Persons select members and conduct the business of Co-Counselling International by whatever means will establish the consensus of the group and will ensure that it reflects the peer principle.

Financial Co-ordinators:
The Financial Co-ordinator will be selected by the Continuity Persons for a three year term and are responsible for taking care of payment of bills, budget and accounting.

Communications Co-ordinators:
The Communications Co-ordinators will be selected by the Continuity Persons for a three year term and are responsible for communications between groups and individuals who are members of Co-Counselling International, publications, announcements and news letters.

Membership Guidelines

Membership of Co-Counselling International is open to all individual Co-Counsellors and Co-Counselling communities who accept these guidelines.

Membership is obtained by writing to the CCI Continuity Persons, requesting membership and supplying the following details:

A. A statement that the person or community is aware of and accepts the CCI guidelines, as published (in this Newsletter).

B. Details as appropriate to individual or community.

  1. For individual Co-Counsellors: Name, address, Co-Counselling experience (including details of how you learned to cocounsel.)
  2. For communities of Co-Counsellors:

a. The name by which the community is known.

b. A list of the titles and responsibilities of the roles within the community which carry responsibility to the community. (A minimum of two such roles, filled at any one time by different people are required to distinguish a community from a class or an informal group.)

c. The name and address of someone willing to act as CCI Contact person. This will be published (in the Newsletter) and the person will be responsible for liaising with the CCI Continuity Persons and the Newsletter Editors.

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