Some experiences are important for me to share on this website, but I don't like the idea that other people know that it comes from me. I know this also from other people. It feels more safe and comfortable to share it anonymously


Yes, you can

Only co-counsellors can see this forum and this response to your question. And that makes it possible that only co-counsellors post anonymously on this web site.

There are two ways how you can do this:

  1. Send me an email requesting an 'anonymous' name. I need also a second email address for you that is not the same.
    Advantage of this approach is that you will be notified of responses to your contributions and that you can use that 'annonymous' username for as long as you want. A potential disadvantage might be that I and other web admins know who is the person behind that anonymous name.
  2. The second option is to chose one of the username and password combinations from the list below.
    The potential advantage is that nobody knows who the person is behind that pseudonym, apart from that he or she is a co-counsellor. Potential disadvantages are, that more than one person can use the same pseudonym and you will not get notifications about responses to your email. Also, after some time I will refresh the list below and their passwords.

And_Noname + Guess_Who

Hedda_Truth + DressCode

Miss_Link + Connexion

Sir_Real + HereAndNow

All the best.