Calendar with Co-Counselling Events

Not yet, but shortly implemented. Your Event Calendar displays all events made visible to the general public, to co-counsellors registered with CoCo-Info  and to the groups and projects you are member of. You will not see those events in groups and projects that are only made visible to their members.

Blogs by Co-Counsellors

Each co-counsellor can maintain a blog (a contraction of the term weblog), a kind of personal web journal. Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diary. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and media related to its subject.


An article is a much more thought-through piece of work, as opposed to a blog entry that is written more in the spirit of the moment.


There are many Forums on this web site.


In a group or club people come together with a common theme, topic, interest or denominator. Its focus is often on sharing, exchange, mutual support and networking, benefiting the group's members in the first place.


In a Project people collaborate to achieve outcomes that transcend the immediate interests of its Project members.

Co-Counselling Knowledge base

Wiki Pages

Everybody who is logged in at CoCo Info can edit and work on a single piece of wiki content The fact that multiple people can edit a wiki page differentiates it from a blog or an article. A single article or blog is generally attributed to a single author. A single wiki page could have as few as one author or as many as tens or even hundreds of authors. Hence there are no acknowledgements of authors.

It is the collaborative effort that makes a wiki so great and that is how the Co-Counselling Community can really shine.

There are several kinds of wiki pages at the CoCo Info site:

  • the general one
    Examples are 'International Contact Persons', 'Co-Counselling Web sites'. These need to be as updated as possible to be useful. Hence all co-counsellors can update them.

  • the book page
    These form parts of books such as 'How to...' books
    The wiki pages are created from within the respective books

  • bookmarks
    These are a link to a useful web site or resource.

  • the minutes - time limited wikis
    Several groups and projects have meetings that are minuted. After the meeting people can edit the minutes so that they reflect better what has been discussed. After some time the minutes are finalised and then they cannot be changed anymore. As minutes are parts of groups or projects  they can only be created from there.
  • How-to Books and Manuals


  • CoCoPedia



  • Co-Counselling Literature