Keep a Weblog or journal on the web

Each co-counsellor can maintain a blog (a contraction of the term weblog), a kind of personal web journal about anything related to Co-Counselling..

Write an Article

An article is a much more thought-through piece of work, as opposed to a blog entry that is written more in the spirit of the moment. Once you have finished your article, you can publish it or you let it be reviewed and edited by friends first.

Ask for Support or give it

You may ask for support on the Support forum. Here  People can give you support by sharing their experience or giving suggestions.

Connect to other Co-Counsellors

You may want to find other Co-Counsellors for having sessions, share experiences and ways of working with specific life situations, or to get something organised. This web site is especially designed for Co-Counsellors with each other.

Make yourself contactable for other Co-Counsellors!

You are more likely to be contacted if

  • there is a picture of you on the web site.

  • you are clear about what you are looking for or interested in yourself.

Shortly it will be possible to be clear about what your interests are in your profile.

Publish an Event Announcement

When you organise a workshop, a residential event, a Community Day or a big CCI event, you can announce all this on CoCo Info.

Provide your local coco community or network with an Internet base

You can set up a group for your local Co-Counselling community with its own forums, articles, newsletter and events calendar.