Get Trained in the Core Co-Counselling Skills

Ways of acquiring Core Co-Counselling Skills

Join a Core Co-Counselling training course.
This is our recommendation. You acquire the core skills in a group and by doing so you get to know potential new co-counselling partners. A group also provides a good environment for learning.

You can find information about courses by clicking the next tab.

Organise a group and invite a Co-Counselling teacher to come and run a training course.
You may live far away from where any Co-Counselling teacher is offering training. In this case you might invite a teacher to come over and train a group you brought together. There are even teachers who are prepared to travel abroad and work with interpreters. This approach has also the advantage that you acquire a co-counselling support network around you.

Click on the Teacher List tab for more information.

If there is no Core Co-Counselling Skills teacher available,
you have the option to learn from an experienced co-counsellor who lives near you.

A CCI Contact Person can help you find co-counsellors near you.

This option has the disadvantage that you acquire the skills outside a group so that you miss out on the variety of support available.

London Co-Counselling Training - Autumn 2019
Sat 14 Sep 2019., Sun 15 Sep 2019., Sat 5 Oct 2019., Sun 6 Oct 2019., Sun 20 Oct 2019.
United Kingdom

In this 40 hour course you will learn and practice the 21 core techniques of peer to peer counselling (co-counselling).

Upon completing the training you will become part of a local,... Read more

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