Get trained

The Co-Counselling Core Training is your ‘CoCo Driving Licence’. You will learn the skills to have Co-Counselling sessions and to access the Co-Counselling world-wide Network.


Further Skills

Co-Counselling provides you with many tools to extend your core skills. You can develop these in stand-alone workshops or in workshops at residential events.

Some Further Session Skills

  • Listening to your body: Focusing
  • Exploring your emotions by sound
  • Pain-to-Power
  • Role Play the CoCo way
  • Leaving bad experiences behind: Video Technique

Some Group Session Skills

  • Being seen: beyond shame and guilt

Some Further Action Skills

  • Life Action
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Create your life

This happens by using Co-Counselling sessions to address issues that really matter to you.

CCI supports this by offering Topic & Life Cycle workshops and groups. These are often part of Community Days and residential events.

Here people address a common issue in their lives, called 'Topic' in Co-Counselling.

Some Topics

  • Create your life
  • Work and career
  • Performing
  • Intimacy and connection
  • Sexuality and attraction
  • Committed relationships
  • Parenting
  • Healthy weight
  • Bereavement and Grieving
  • Ageing

After your Co-Counselling Core Training you can find partners for sessions, support and topic groups through:

  • Workshops: further skills, residential and community days
  • CoCo Open Space
    bringing people together with shared or complementary topics
  • Membership of a local  Co-Counselling network
  • Phone Co-Counselling lists
  • Member section of this CoCoInfo site
  • Subscribing of a printed or email newsletter

Other ways of support

  • Buddies
  • Asking experienced co-counsellors how to work on something
  • CoCo-Info offers Forums these are vital in connecting you to the Co-Counselling community. Here you can ask for support for making Co-Counselling more relevant.​
  • IRC There are also IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels available for support and sessions