A two-day workshop
8-9 September at Sheila Lochrie’s

offered by Lilian Brzoska and JanPieter Hoogma
Weaving the Cathartic and CornuCopia Approaches 


The first Connections & Isolation workshop in March by Lilian and me seemed not only to have inspired the two of us but the people who attended as well. This in turn triggered a miracle dream: many people use co-counselling in, for them, relevant ways, with people with whom they resonate, in lots of different ways, regular morning mini-sessions, ongoing and one-off support groups with having group sessions and sharing experiences and information, offering and attending further skills workshops, participating and organising coco-cafés in order to develop new ideas and approaches about things that matter, and Open Space meetings  places for finding new partners and groups, especially when the shelf-life of a current group has arrived. If all that could be possible! J As we like to do things in small manageable steps, this workshop seems to be one of these steps we can make with ease.

Who is this workshop for?

Want to tackle a big subject or big issue?

In this workshop you can meet other people with the same or similar interest in your topic or issue.

We offer new ways or remind you of existing ways of

  • using your face-to-face sessions, weaving the Cathartic and the CornuCopia approaches
  • having various sorts of group sessions varying from having a session in a group, to sharing experiences, information and ways of dealing with your topic or subject. The last gives you insight into what other people do, why they do it and how it benefits them.
  • getting physical and nurturing group support
  • organising effective support and connections outside the group

There have already been requests and offers
Chronic Pain, Working on Shame and Secrets, Cuddling and Nurturing, Physical Contact and Massage, Voice and Movement, Character embodiment.

In need of some Life or Co-Counselling Skills?

We won’t be able to meet all requests during this workshop, but we will facilitate these so that at the end there is an overview of needs and offers for workshops.

There have already been requests and offers
Conflict and disagreement skills, using art and voice in sessions, video technique, create your life workshop, scanning and tracking back while remaining present, Being Here NOW..

Other reasons you might want to attend:

  • Feeling lost in Co-Counselling and in need of getting inspired again?
  • In need of Co-Counselling Partners or a support group?
  • Simply curious of how we Lilian and JanPieter weave the Cathartic and CornuCopia approaches together?


CoCo Open Space

At last year’s CCI in Hungary and at this year’s McCoCo we experimented with a Co-Counselling variation of Open Space. It is a way of bringing people together who in the first instance did not know they needed to be together in order to have a meaningful and relevant Co-Counselling time.

In this workshop we intend to organise the CoCo Open Space in two parts:

1. Saturday morning CoCo Open Space:
Its purpose is to give people the opportunity to arrive and come together around shared themes and topics. This process will also provide us, facilitators, the chance to tune in with the group and tweak what we would like to offer when weaving the CornuCopia and Cathartic approaches.

2. Sunday afternoon CoCo Open Space:
People form temporary topic groups and negotiate with each other what form(s) their preferred topic group might take. Some of the possibilities are:

  • ongoing support group
  • one-to one sessions
  • telephone sessions
  • one-off sharing group
  • skills training group

Weaving the Cathartic and CornuCopia approaches

Saturday afternoon & Sunday morning

Based on what we learned in the Saturday morning CoCo Open Space, Lilian and JP offer a program that is as much as possible adapted to what is relevant to the people attending the workshop.

To make this workshop a success

Imagine a miracle that has happened in your life in the not too distant future. As the first step to achieve this miracle, bring it as your topic to the workshop.

Invite one or two other co-counsellors to come with you to the workshop.

If you cannot attend the workshop

Inform Lilian or JanPieter what topic, issue, support group or workshop you would like to join or offer and what you need for that. If agreed, your information will be shared in the Open Space sessions of Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.

Come, if possible, to one or both of the CoCo Open Space sessions

Date, Venue and Cost

Saturday 8- Sunday 9 September 2012
Arrival 10 am with opening circle 10.30. Closing circle 5 p.m.

Bring lunch to share.

Sheila Lochrie is the host
33 Scotland Street

Cost of the two-day workshop
Full rate £40; Intermediate £30, Concessions £15
Anyone with financial difficulties may want to contact Sheila Lochrie.

Booking and Information

Contact  Sheila
sglochrieatyahoo[dot]co[dot]uk or  0131-557 2419

Event Dates
Saturday, 8 September, 2012 - 10:00 to Monday, 10 September, 2012 - 16:55
At Sheila's
33 Scotland Street
Edinburgh EH3 6PY
United Kingdom
Contact Information

Booking and Information

Contact  Sheila

sglochrieatyahoo[dot]co[dot]uk or  0131-557 2419

Program information

Lilian  0131-3324548.or 

JanPieter 0131-551 6146