2011 CCI-UK business meeting at McCoCo 2011

The meeting could only take for one hour, so we needed to use the limited time wisely.

Round 1: list of topics deemed important to share about

People shared topics they would like to have opinions aired about.

  • CCI Events - no children , see child protection.  Kate
  • UK Contact Person.   Steve
  • UK Business Meetings - Decisions.   Kristal
  • Teaching of co-co.   Sue
  • Elections for posts.   Billy
  • Co-co as part of Open Source.  Rudolph
  • Organisers of events - choosing them.   Kristal
  • Social constructive learning environment.   Marjan
  • Decision-making process.   Kath
  • CCI as formal body.   Billy
  • The CCI-UK web site www.co-counselling.org.uk.   Richard
  • Publicity.   Marjan

Round 2: Sharing opinions

Each topic got a part of the time left, in which people could share their opinions about topic.Not minuted.