2010 CCI European gathering, business meeting minutes

CCI Business Meeting – August 29th 2010 at CCI in Ireland.

Summary – the meeting was lively with much useful debate and exchange of information and ideas.
For further information on what went on contact someone who attended or the named person who put each ‘other item’ on the agenda.

Dymphna Headron, Declan Reddy, Sheila Lockrie, Chirs Saunders, Elly Vogal, Corrie van Haasteren, Margaret Anderson, Marjan, Tuk, Susan Tilley, Jan Peiter, Celia Wilson, Marlise Tjallingii, Anne Denis, Hans van Os, Lanette  Errante, Phillo Aviram, Donal o’Neill, Aiden o Brian, Niek Sockenoga, Richard Mills, Marisa Picardo, Agota en Ruzsa, Margaret Christie, Csaba Shimessy, jack Sklar, Sytse Tjallingii, Teresa Hopper, Lilian Brozoska, Sue Gray, Steve Roche, Fred Wallace , Ria Leenders, Joke Stassen, Janice Wasser, Bobby MacLaughlin.
Facilitators: Fred Wallace & Sue Gray.

Agreed agenda – All items added to the agenda by the people at CCI Ireland.

1. Country Updates -     
                Sri Lanka 7 India – Celia & John
2. CCI International Timetable – Dates agreed were:
    Hungary         2011 (July)
    USA            2011 (April)
    New Zealand        2012 (Jan)
    NL             2012 (Summer)
    UK            2013
    Israel             2013 (Autumn)
    Germany        2014
    Ireland            2015 ?

3. Other items:
    a) Websites – the use of www. Co-counselling.info. Multi Lingual and open
                to all registered CCIers to upload and input. Jan Pieter –
         J [dot] P [dot] Hoogmaatco-cornucopia [dot] org [dot] uk
b) Developing and maintaining the vibrancy and growth of co-counselling.
      Sue Gray – contactsueatyahoo [dot] co [dot] uk
c) Is the 40 hour Fundamentals the only way? – Fred Wallace earthfredataol [dot] com
d) Teacher training and certification – Fred Wallace earthfredataol [dot] com
e) Diversity in Co-counselling – Jack Sklar – contact Jack for a recent paper relating to this. J [dot] sklarathotmail [dot] com
f) ‘Should we not just close ourselves down?’ A discussion, Donal O’Neill. donaloneillatireland [dot] com
g) How does CCI make decision to include something new? Agota Ruzsa ruzsa [dot] agotaatgmail [dot] com
h) Celebration off CCI World News – 10 Years old!
       Niek Sickenga niekatcciwns [dot] com
Notes typed up by  Sue Gray contactsueatyahoo [dot] co [dot] uk