2012 CCI European Gathering, Business Meeting in the NL

CCI NL Business Meeting Wed 25 July 2012

Notes taken by Alan Trangmar during the meeting.

*Future CCI workshops*

US every year (next April 2013) and also

2013       UK/England  28 July - 3 August 2013

                 Israel October.   Janice.  Dates tbc soon.

2014       Germany

confirmed.   Team exists (Verena, Steffie and others) .   We have a
probable venue.   Date tbc.

2015       New Zealand     early in the year.  No NZ person but we are
confident it will happen.

                 Ireland     Dymphna could not say if this would happen
but Bobby confirmed (after the business meeting) that this will go
ahead, Declan has booked the venue.

2016       Hungary

Saci/Agota: cannot confirm yet, but most probably yes.

                 Israel October

2017       Netherlands. Confirmed.

2018       New Zealand early in the year


Likely to happen but not planned yet (too far ahead)

Question raised whether Scotland could come forward to fill the 2015
gap.  No answer.

Question raised re whether Scotland could enter 5-year cycle alongside
England.  No answer.


Raised by Lanette (USA).   We have some ideas but don't always implement
them.  Interested in ideas from others.   Some people think we are
Scientology, or re-evaluation counselling,see us as a cult.

Siglind (Germany): our method is that we have 5 therapists in 1 place,
Haus Kloppenburg.   We organise fundamentals each year and we offer
training and practice after the fundamentals.  We get enough people into
the community.   Sometimes a problem to get people really involved.  We
do a lot to keep in touch with people who are potential future

Lanette: our position is different.   We did a website " meetup.com

<http://meetup.com> " , set up by Fred Wallace. We did get >30 hits on

the website but none went beyond the first contact.

Celia (England): There is clearly a difficulty, " are we weird?"   We
are but do not have a wonderful solution to other people's fears about

CCI. **



Marlies.  Yearly gathering in June.   Fundamentals running but very

small.  Celebration weekend in November 2011 to celebrate the 25^th

  anniversary of CCN. Regular groups meet in Den Haag and Arnhem.

Some groups to help newcomers to the community.  New people get an info


Gail.   Annual international CCI workshop in April.   Also gatherings
organised by individual teachers.    Co-counseling happens in other areas outside of Connecticut and Massachusetts, such as North Carolina, Michigan, New York, New Jersey and California.  No prison work recently, problems
getting access.

*Israel *Janice

2 national workshops in Spring and Fall.   Last one:  Small - 18
people.   Theme: leadership.   3 different teachers offering classes in
the Fall.   Still doing work in the prisons and troubled youth.  Still
Arab-Jewish support group - now over 30 years (based on co-co though we
  invite people  who haven’t done a fundamentals).  Class on Age running
its 4th term.

Oct 2013:    Not full week workshop but will add excursions: e.g. hope
to include West Bank.   Marlies and Sytse will contribute.   Would like
to hear  from people on feelings about travelling to Israel.


Siglind.   See above notes on recruitment.  We try to get it more
stable.  One meeting / year.   This year organised by Markus and
Jeanette.   After fundamentals people have opportunity to join a group
of about 15, facilitated by a teacher, for up to 2 years.   Then they
have to leave.   After that, they have to start their own group with no
teacher.   Also just-turn-up meetings on Sunday afternoon, often 5-10
people.   Also trying to get into medical scene, we get some money from
the insurance each year for the self-help coco group in town near
Munster for people waiting for therapy.   Programme of just free
attention, sharing, ... (no discharge), doctors said it would not work
but it did work and will continue.

At the moment we are flourishing.   But I need to retire and I will need
to live in the house when I retire.   We are looking for a way to
continue part of the house as a centre for coco.

Dymphna asked Siglind the question:  In Ireland, we see fundamentals
cost of 200 EUR as discouraging some people.  Have thought of getting
European money, but to do that you need lots of formality.   Siglind's
answer: everybody can come, we turn nobody away, they either pay what
they can or they go to the association (which has a fund).  The effect
is that sometimes teachers get very little money.

*Ireland. *Nöt much happening at the moment. Bobby ran a fundamentals
this year, about 6 people.**

*Hungary. *Nothing happening at the moment


About 6 active teachers.   About 8-11 weekend workshops every year, they
keep the community together.  Many communities have their own local

Steve and Sue have been teaching " peer volunteer support " , working
with a Mental Health charity, doing half a fundamentals class for
volunteers: includes free attention, not discharge.   A lot of suspicion
from conventional MH professionals but they have run 3 classes so far.



*Vision of CCI for the future*

Celia: possible workshop.   A few thoughts from the group:

Full of creative energy

Proud ambassadors of CCI

I appreciate anyone with time to spend on spreading coco in between
annual gatherings.

I can see all kinds of workers using it as a self and peer supervision

Outreach - people getting like-minded groups together

I want to look at funding.  Do we need a constitution?

Translate our (German) book for English speakers.

Might be necessary to find ways to use modern technology (internet etc)
to spread coco

Share personally the opportunity coco has given me to grow

To have more outreach, to new countries and the ones which are
struggling at the moment.

Is there any money behind translating the book? No

It is a practical example of loving mankind.

It is possible to have a continuous workshop on future possibilities to
interest other cocos who are not therapists.

To be viable it has to be open to people who cannot afford it.