2009 Business meeting at the European CCI in Germany

CCI Europe 2009 in Freckenhorst, Germany: notes of Business Meeting

(notes taken at the meeting by Margaret; supplemented by contributions after the event from Janice, Ágota, Alan, JP, Siglind and others)

[list of those attending to come]


CCI Europe

CCI Europe 2010 will be in Ireland: 24 July to 30 July, in Termonfeckin (near Drogheda, north of Dublin: the same venue as the 2005 and 2000 CCIs).  Future CCI European meetings planned:

Hungary 2011

Netherlands 2012

UK – England 2013

Germany 2014

Ágota Rusza announces: The Hungarian Organisational Development community has initiated a global event for 22–26 August 2010 with pre- and post conferences. See

www.odworldsummit.org. There is an important aspect of the event, the Inquiry into NON-CONVENTIONAL ORGANISATIONS, and she thinks that CCI has a lot to offer in this respect.

Fred Wallace, Joke and Niek, JanPieter, and Ágota are interested in signing up for the event. It is not clear yet how, i.e. representing CCI in general or just themselves and contributing with a workshop or so. Ágota believes that John Heron's ideas in this respect are a great potential.  It is also an idea whether to invite John, if he is interested.  It seems his expenses for the event could be covered by ODWS organisers.

On the community page of the Hungarian community there is a special group created for this purpose so ANYONE INTERESTED IN THE IDEA,  please register there and we can work out how to introduce CCI at this event. www.co-counselling.ning.com.


Fred Wallace from the USA says he's embarrassed that the US meetings don't have translation.


Margaret Christie from Scotland proposes a translation support/facilitating group to ensure that there will be translation again at next year's CCI in Ireland, and offers to co-ordinate such a group.  This was agreed [and it was announced and welcomed in the full circle later in the week].



1. Germany [report by Siglind? still to be confirmed]

Community still very active.  In Münster there have been three or four basic courses.  Hildegard and Büschl have taught a basic course in Austria.  The most recent basic course had 22 participants.  There is a weekend meeting every year and a business meeting every year.  Many people meet for sessions – it's easy to meet in Haus Kloppenburg, the centre for cocounselling in Münster.  There's always a lot going on.  Many cocounsellors of the new generation have taken part in the organisation of this year's CCI despite not having been at any previous CCIs.

2.  The Netherlands (report by Joke and Marjan)

Two national weekend meetings a year.  Regional meetings.  Ongoing couples communication group.  Group experimenting with Bobby's method [Muscle Effect Therapy?].  Joke and Marlies often teach back to basics in one weekend.  Great weekends – really motivate people.  There's a community website in Dutch. Joke's website is also still there and is partly in English as well.  Joke interested in teaching within community of NVC [nonviolent communication].  Last June, a weekend follow-up to the January meeting [in New Zealand] with John Heron.  They'll probably do another next year, also offer a small-scale workshop around co-creating.  National meeting in November, to which anyone who speaks Dutch is welcome.

3.  The UK (report by Margaret, with some additions from others)

CCIS, that is the organisation "Co-Counselling International in Scotland", seems to be locked in a power struggle for which some sort of conflict resolution procedure may be attempted this coming autumn.  Meanwhile England seems to be getting on fine without either a country-wide organisation or much by way of local organisations, though there is an all-UK paper newsletter, "One to One", and an email-based newsletter called "Here and Now".  Also, Cocolist, the email discussion group, is based in the UK and seems increasingly to be used as the main means of non-local communication among cocounsellors.

There have been at least two week-long residentials and probably about ten weekend or long-weekend ones in the UK over the last year, as well as the CCI having been in Scotland last year.

Fundamentals classes have run, as well as local day workshops, and generally CCI cocounselling seems to be flourishing, though bringing fundamentals classes to the attention of new people seems to some people to be a big problem in the UK.

Meanwhile ... Sushila Raja, a Tamil woman who learned CCI co-counselling in England, has taught a number of fundamentals in Sri Lanka.  She partly used material that was
developed following the last CCI in Ireland for self learning groups to learn
co-counselling with support over the Internet.  Three co-counsellors from
England (Jean Brant, John Talbut, Celia Wilson) ran a training in April 2009 in
Batticaloa for co-counsellors who might go on to teach co-counselling

4.  Ireland

Little to say.  It's years since there's been a weekend workshop. Some cocounselling is going on on an individual basis.

5.  Israel (report by Janice)

Cocounselling has been being taught in Israel for over thirty years.  Dror was established in 1998 after several co-counselors split from RC.  It currently has about 160 members, of whom about 50 are active, mostly in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  The Dror community  has an annually elected administrative council of five members who meet every three weeks to promote activities in the community, encourage teachers to open fundamentals classes and various other duties.  Janice  is serving for her fifth year. 

First contact with CCI was in 2005 at McCoCo.  This is Janice's seventh CCI event. 

There are around 15 teachers.  Two fundamentals classes have recently ended and are now starting their continuation classes.  Avi Butavia teaches fundamentals in three different prisons and to "Youth at Risk".  Ongoing support groups include the Arab/Jewish gathering in Yafia which has been ongoing for thirty years, sessions' night every five weeks in the central region, and a men's group is opening up soon.  There are two annual national weekend workshops in the Spring and the Fall. This Fall we opened up the national workshop with Dror's first International workshop inviting CCI. Other outreach activities including Dror's participation in the Jerusalem Hug [an international event where people held hands around the Old City to show their love for this special place] and Dror hosted a booth at Bar Ilan University during an exhibition where 19 NGOs, including Dror, shared their methods for Conflict Resolution and Negotiation.  Dror launched a new website in June of this year: www.dror.org.il, which also has material in English.

6. USA (report by Fred)

Strategic planning committee has been meeting four times a year.  Reported to larger community – lots of resistance.  Change is very difficult.  Fred is part of the strategic planning group doing "annual report". 

New teacher in Arizona – the first outside of New England.  Spreading around a bit in California.
The internet is really serving the US community – they're getting enquiries from all over the USA.

7. Hungary (report by Ágota)

There is a monthly gathering – more or less – organized by Ildikó Kaminszki. Occasionally I attempt to run a Fundamentals but not many people sign up for it. There is not a powerful energy put into making it happen from neither me nor the CCC Hungarian community. The last fundamentals Ágota Ruzsa has run was in 2007 for a group home of midwives (doulas) intitiated by Agnes Gereb who was at the very first CCI fundamentals in 1985 in Hungary.

In August 2009, Fred Wallace, Joke and Niek came to visit after CCI in Germany and we ran a small group one-day event for NVC people as well as a Co-Creation event.  Both went well in spite of the small number – I guess thanks to the relentless passion to do this work of the three people mentioned above.

There are individual co-counselling sessions taking place.

This year, Ágota has also initiated a co-coaching year-long learning and self-learning event where one of the foundation methods and principles is CCI in combination with Hellinger work as well as Bohms dialogue.

We have opened a community webpage under the name of www.co-counselling.ning.com where all Hungarian co-counsellors can sign up and share photos, videos, information, events, etc.   Still not much used though.



1.  JP Hoogma: The CoCo Info website (http://co-counselling.info) is developing now for two years. The aim is for social networking, also introducing CoCopedia, a free Co-Counselling Encyclopedia that any Co-Counsellor can edit and add topics to. McCoCo continues with its annual gathering.


2.  Siglind re Dror. [This is Siglind's recollection of what she said at the meeting.]


"Hearing Janice report about the Dror Community is already a matter of course in CCI meetings. Dror members have been coming to CCI events now for some time. There was an issue in the past of the decision whether or not to invite Dror to CCI events which seems to be less of an issue now, and I hope that Dror will become part of the CCI family."


3.  Marjan: saw on cocolist video on YouTube [introducing cocounselling].


4.  Attendance list and minutes to be circulated by email.  [Unfortunately the attendance list seems to be missing.]

DECISION! These minutes are to be made available to all CCIers, but not on website.


5.  Dónal: there are more people on chairs than on the floor! CCIers are getting older! How do we go about attracting more younger people?  Do we need to change?


6.  Joke, re Ágota's conference item [at top of these notes]: we have no international organisation or international money, so propose: would like Ágota to put in writing why it's important. People here can make a personal decision, and ask in their own communities for financial support with help from a recommendation letter. If not, ask other people in our communities.

Sally – take it to tomorrow's opening circle then to Friday's.  Agreed.  [It was mentioned again, but no particular plan was discussed.]

Ágota would love a team of representatives!

There will [or may??] be an event with John Heron in the "master classes".


7.  Ágota: many conversations; need for change.  "Let's come out."  Need for cocounselling community to have a conscious cultivated process where we work in the CCI collective; where we move from "co" pairs/threes to the whole.

Fantastic non-conventional structure-potential not tapped.

Reconsider formats of future CCI gatherings [/business meetings??] and create space for collective creation, not just information-sharing.

Niek expressed support for Ágota.


[That seems to be the point at which the meeting stopped.]