2007 CCI European gathering, business meeting minutes

Minutes of the Business Meeting of
the CCI Europe 2007 at Soesterberg (NL)


Petra Kreb, Minke Weggemans, Eveline Swidde, Niek Sickenga, Sytse Tjallingii, Marlies Tjallingii, Joke Stassen, Marjan Tuk, Rita Prinsenberg, Geoff Rowe, Anne Los, Anja Blom, Peter Koekebakker, Simon Prinsenberg, Piet Bakker, Batja Wallega, Nettie Gruson, Rob van den Brink, Marian van Wijngaarden, Marianne van Duyvenbode, Hans van Os, Mira Reus, Ria Leenders, Corrie van Haasteren (all NL), Sue Gray, Steve Roche, Celia Wilson, Rachel Stark, Katy Jennison, Leo Schroeder, Alan Trangmar, John Talbut (UK), Rudolf Giesselmann, Claudia Schmitt, Clemens Hagemeyer, Siglind Willms, Henni Sentis, Till Walmsley (Germany), Gail Fuller, Judy Hartling, Pam McDonald (USA), Declan Reddy, Dymphna Headen (IRL), Margaret Anderson, JanPieter Hoogma (SCO), Phillo-Iaacov Aviram (Israel)

Mira with the assistance of Judy volunteers to be the facilitator.


1.) CCIs in future

2.) Temperature check for CCI 2012

3.) CCI sign language

4.) Who is "allowed" into CCI?

5.) Alcohol at CCI

6.) Community questions

7.) Publicity

8.) Moodlementals

9.) Round of questions

1.) CCIs in future:

JanPieter: CCI Europe 2008 in Scotland from Sat., 26th, July to Sat., 2nd, August, the venue is Loretto (near Edinburgh), the theme: „Celebrating Co-Counselling Diversity", grants are preferably made to the communities instead of single persons

Joke: reminds of CCI New Zealand in January 2009

Siglind: CCI Europe 2009 will happen in Germany.

Dymphna: CCI Europe 2010 will happen in Ireland.

There is no information of whether CCI Europe 2011 will take place in Hungary.

2.) Temperature check for CCI 2012:

Marjan (Batja + Rob): How do people think concerning the costs -location for CCIs? The purpose is to give the Dutch CCI-organizers information for their planning in the future.

A hand up means that you would have the intention to came to a CCI with the mentioned facilitations (there where 57 from the 79 participants of the CCI at the business meeting).

Facilitation :

Would you come to a CCI in 212 with....

Price class



just camping and a simple catering for a price of




Simple catering an bedrooms (8 person in 1 room) for a price of

400 - 425



Bedrooms (8 p in a room) vegetarian food and just diets prescribed by a doctor for a price of




Bedrooms (2, 4, 6 p in a room) with cleaning duty's and cooking by our self, for a price of




A venue, simple catering, with sessions and support groups in the bedrooms for a price of




Bedrooms (1 -d 2 p in a room) catering; meat/fish vegetarian//diets, rooms for sessions, workshops and support rooms for a price of




Bedrooms (1 and2 p in a room) catering; meat/fish vegetarian/diets, rooms for sessions, workshops, and support rooms, sauna, swimming pool, for a price of














The outcome of this temperature check will be published at CCI World News. Later on we will produce an online poll. After filling it in you will see the results straight away. The technical software will written by Rudolf, Marjan doing the text, Geoff the translation and Jan Pieter the website facilitations.

3.) CCI sign language:

Niek introduces a CCI sign language, hand-outs are passed round, it is meant to be used at fundamentals.


  • translations for the descriptions are offered (Siglind - German, Joke - Dutch and Hungarian (perhaps with small video-demos))
  • idea to send new signs to Niek (Judy)
  • suggestion to present the sign language at the beginning of each CCI (Corrie)
  • necessity to draw signs and movement of the signs very clearly (Celia)

4.) Who "is allowed" into CCI?

Celia raises this topic, pointing out that according to ‘A Definition of CCI' people are part of CCI if they have done their fundamentals and have understood and accepted the principles of co-counselling. Does it matter if you are also a member of RC when attending a CCI-residential?

John: 1) You have to fulfill the conditions of ‘A Definition of CCI'.

2) The organizers of any CCI activity can decide who can come and who not.

3) Once the participants have come together they may take over such decisions.

(As concluded by the 1992 European Gathering).

Judy in the States: When RC-people come, they have a conversation about differences with them at the beginning/beforehand. They are supposed to feel comfortable, but also be prepared to operate in according to CCI.

Siglind does it the same.

Marlies: She and Sytse visited Israel and the Dror community, it's good to spend time on the differences.

Minke is confused - everyone having done the fundamentals should be welcome at a CCI.

JanPieter had two Israelis from the Dror-community to come to McCoco in Scotland in 2005, he explained them the contract, one of the Israelis had no problem with it, with the other it was a bit difficult. However, in the Scottish fundamentals there is an emphasis to train the client to be in charge of himself (e. g. by practising ignoring interventions). So the issue should rather be to empower the client than to decide on who should come to a CCI.

John: The idea of ‘A Definition of CCI' is that, as well as having done the fundamentals, there is an ongoing requirement to accept the CCI-rules (e. g. confidentiality).

Marjan: wants to know beforehand when people are invited from foreign communities

Alan: Different communities/teachers have slightly different fundamentals, they may differ especially from one country to another. To work on the differences is important.

Rudolf: The discussion is not good. The reason for this discussion is the fear of decreasing numbers. It wouldn't have been ten years ago.

Marian: Safety is important: How can we create a space of safety?

Phillo: was glad to participate in CCI Hungary last year, fundamentals in Israel aren't so different and the differences, if any, are more of personal and practical nature than differences in principles and/or definitions. As an example, we have already adopted the format of CCI workshops and the reactions have been enthusiastic.

JanPieter: The Scottish community is not dwindling, the number is increasing slightly. Time and money is a major issue for younger people. Diversity attracts.

5.) Alcohol at CCI:

Judy: As an alcoholic it's hard for her to come to a CCI where there is alcohol. She felt excluded from dancing/laughing/joining in last night. Wine/beer for dinner would be okay. Alcohol for fun is dangerous for her. She wants the organizers of future CCIs to know this.


  • The organizers should be clear about alcohol. At CCI 2005 a big effort was made to tackle this issue. (Margaret) This was also the outcome of a workshop at CCI 2003 on this topic. (Siglind), apology for no information about alcohol in the flyer for this CCI (Joke)
  • There's a practical and an emotional side of this, see the cornucopia-teaching. (Marlies)
  • no mix of alcohol and dancing as a proposal (Marlies)
  • One can easily dance without drinking alcohol. (Corrie)
  • Addiction material is different to other material. Don't say it's easy to overcome addictive material. (Celia)

6.) Community questions

(note of minute keeper: At this CCI the detailed reports of the communities are made in the opening circle.)

Siglind reports of a thriving community in and around Münster (Germany). However, it's difficult to raise interest in international co-counselling. For organizing CCI 2009 Europe in Germany the Dutch are willing to help (e. g. by visiting and reporting).

Sue: Offering fundamentals in ones job could be an issue. The question of name and format then is a question. She is offering fundamentals as „Professional Partnering" in her job.

John: What do people need? Co-counsellors can offer things that are not co-counselling that meet their perceived needs, assertiveness, helping skills, parenting etc. that can help them towards co-counselling. We should not dilute co-counselling in order to make it more accessible.

Number of co-counsellors: in Scotland 90 „on the list" (JanPieter), no idea for the UK, going into the thousands probably, but in the UK not so important whether someone is part of a community or not (John)

Margaret: Many are just sporadic co-counsellors, but by telephoning them they often show interest. CCI is not very child-friendly.

JanPieter (in response to Ria): There is a manual on how to run a CCI-Workshop (see the Cornucopia web site for this).

Declan reports: It's hard to talk of an Irish community. Bobby taught two fundamentals this year. There is a monthly co-counselling meeting in different homes. For planning CCI 2010 Declan is interested in knowing as soon as possible who intends to come.

7.) Publicity

Rob: To revive publicity is very urgent. The community is ageing. There is a lack of spirit, if nothing happens the community will die out.

There is a New Age Festival in June '08 in the Netherlands. 2000 - 3000 people are expected. CCN has hired a big room there to promote co-counselling. Marjan, Geoff, Mira and Rob have formed a task force.

Marlies again (see above Sue „Professional Partnering") raises the issue of branding. She mentions Rudolfs Coco-circle on the internet as a good example. Niek points out the importance of sharing. Not only as we have 40.000 languages and 7.000 actively spoken languages, there is a big need for human being to share with each other. Co-counselling is a good means for sharing. This aspect should be stressed when promoting co-counselling. Joke says that to offer fundamentals with a certain topic (e. g. grief) makes it more attractive. You can then use any title („Professional Partnership", „Dealing with Emotions"). Dymphna states that Scientology uses famous persons like Tom Cruise for promotion.

John: There is a gap between where co-counselling is and where people are. We have to meet people where they are, without diluting co-counselling.

JanPieter: In Scotland there isn't such problem in getting new people to co-counselling. (The problem is lack of time.) People are attracted by reputation, so reputation-building is an important factor.

8.) Moodlementals:

John explains: Moodle is an educational platform based on the internet. There had been requests for fundamentals from Africa and from Sri Lanka. As for the long distance, the idea is to teach fundamentals via the Internet. The programme is built up very hierarchically and has to be worked through step by step. In addition, an experienced co-counselling teacher will moderate the process. The access to the corresponding web site is password-protected. Up to now, this has not run properly yet, there is no teaching going on at present, but an attempt is being made to offer it in Wales this autumn.

Leo asks how overwhelming feelings are dealt with. John: by time restriction

Simon noticed from his fundamentals-experience that a few people had difficulties with free attention and wonders how this would be dealt with in moodlementals.

9.) Round of questions:

Siglind in response to Leo (see above): In the early days psychotherapists sometimes only had books to learn from. Handling discharge wasn't easy and people now and then were brought to a psychiatric ward. It took quite a while to learn how to deal with discharge.

Margaret: CCI is an ageing community. Put the price down, make it simpler, the possibility of camping should be given.


Till Walmsley (including changes/additions of participants)