2001 CCI European gathering, business meeting minutes

CCI Europe Business Meeting Minutes 2001

Tuesday 31st July 2001, near Budapest, Hungary

1st draft

26 people attended the meeting which was held during the European CCI workshop. We accepted Donal O'Neill's offer to chair and generated the agenda at the start of the meeting.


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  1. Report from business meeting 2000
  2. Forthcoming CCIs 2002-5
  3. State of the nations (reports on national CCI networks)
  4. Promotion/marketing of CCI (if time)
  5. Future of co-counselling


Report from business meeting 2000

Sadly we had no printed copy but it is on the CoCoInfo web site 2000 CCI European gathering, business meeting minutes

CCI 2001-4

CCI-USA 2002
6pm Tues 16th - 4pm Sun 21st April 2002. Venue Hemlocks. $280 (less $20 for newcomers to CCI-USA), bursaries available. (Preceded by wedding of Dency Sargent and Bob Sawyer Sat 13th April.)
CCI 2002: Netherlands
Sun 28th July - Sat 3rd Aug 2002. Central Netherlands. €340 (£204, DG748). Max 130 co-cos, no camping.
  • email: Hans hansvanosatxs4all [dot] nl
  • web: CCI world news: www.cciwns.com
CCI teachers 2002: Netherlands
Venue Niek and Joke's house. Priority to active teachers and 2 per country, book early. Contact: Joke Stassen and Niek Sickenga jokeniekatplanet [dot] nl jokeniekatplanet [dot] nl
CCI 2003: Britain
A group is planning this probably in England (possibly Wales) for late July/early August, contact: Celia Wilson
CCI 2004: Ireland
Dymphna is keen to run this and will be back in the country by then.
CCI 2004: Germany
Would need external support, perhaps start with mini CCI as happened in Hungary. NL can help with checklists. Siglind to discuss with community in Muenster and will post decision on www.cciwns.com Sept 2001. Germans could assist at CCI-NL (apprentices). Perhaps locate near NL border. USA has lists of roles.


State of the nations (reports on national CCI networks)



John Talbut: network of local communities:

  • Sheffield
  • North East England
  • North West England
  • Reading/Oxford
  • East Midlands
  • West Midlands
  • Bristol
  • London

Very few fundamentals recently. Three residential workshops per year:

  1. May: NW England: near Sheffield, ~35 co-cos
  2. August:Laurieston Hall: SW Scotland but organised by English co-cos, ~65 co-cos and children
  3. November: Grimstone Manor: in Devon, ~35 co-cos



Main centre is Haus Kloppenburg (http://www.haus-kloppenburg.de) a therapy centre offering short term therapy supported and followed by co-co, in Muenster based in a large house (11 rooms) owned by Siglind. Not yet a community but developing a constitution. Co-co trainings have run since 1977, over 1000 people trained, ~10% retention most use co-co in pairs.. Have successfully combined co-co and therapy. 40-80 come to house regularly and save number to workshops. 5-6 co-taught fundamentals/year. Have developed conflict solving model. bursary fund allows anyone to take fundamentals. 8 teachers in training, 4 nearly qualified, 2 years training and assisting, advanced works, supervision. Most sessions, trainings, and introductions are at the house, advertise in adult education centres.. Every Sunday for last 3 years has been open co-co day. 1-2 workshops/year very cheap and independent from therapy. Recently run co-co days monthly which attract 4-6 people. Considering launching a newsletter,

Hamburg community developing from courses run by Joke and Rudolph. Also trainings in Kiel.


Levente Fruttus: 3 fundamentals before CCI run by Hanji Fruttus, Kami and Levente Fruttus. Levente runs Professional Social Work Training (4 years) this year offered co-co as an option for part of the required 150 hours practical skills. 16 participants, 3 helpers, 7-8 new co-cos this year some at CCI.


Dormant. Sad. Only 2 enquiries in last year.


Nanno Huisman (international contact person): communities in:

  • Amsterdam
  • Leinne
  • Friesland (2 communities):
    • open drop-in group every 3 weeks
    • committment group every 6 weeks, varied program

National newsletter, 8/year (4 main and 4 mini, ie every 6 weeks), cost DG50.

National weekend workshops, high energy but few newcomers.

Teacher training: 11 trainees, very active.

Link with Brussels community (which is mainly ex-pat British).

New Zealand

No report from New Zealand this year.


CCiS has several years of conflict behind it leaving it with much experience in this area with many clearly defined roles:

  • trust persons
  • safety team

who use co-co as central tool. The community is strong and vibrant (80-90 members) mainly in Edinburgh with:

  • newsletter
  • workshops
  • McCo-co
  • monthly community days
  • many fundamentals taught in the last year
  • constitution hammered out over 4 years


Cornucopia is setting up a Co-Counselling based therapy centre. There is a two-tier approach: getting the organisational form sorted out with co-operation agreements and financial income plan. On the other hand we have started already activities: a revamped and modernised Fundamentals, several CornuCopia workshops and publications. The CornuCopia website is now famous for its literature and download pages. There is a series of CornuCopia Co-Counselling fundamentals planned in the Netherlands as well.


Main area is CT: Small workshop in early July. Recruitment is major difficulty, marketing is key. In 2000 incorporated CCI-USA as a non-profit organisation (NPO). Existing continuity persons (Dency Sargent and Carol Driscoll (leaving soon)) now joined by Barbara Woodis.

Teaching: 4 open classes planned for the fall.

Prisons: teaching co-co in prisons (medium and maximum security) 4 teachers for 3 years, very successful, prisoners want, 18 week classes followed by continuity classes, no advanced courses.

London (CT) regular co-co evening, Tuesdays. 1st Tuesday of month is open to non-co-cos working well.

Fundamentals running elsewhere:

  • Tennessee: Ray Bouche
  • Michigan: Cathy Sargent
  • Buffalo: Sue Milangelo

Major recruitment is refugees from RC.

Major issues for community:

  1. Continuity
  2. Can ex-prisoners join? None have yet, much groundwork done, big advantage is recruitment



www.cciwns.org registered as a gateway to other CCI sites. www.co-counselling.org registered as a gateway to other CCI sites.

Promotion/marketing of CCI

Siglind: 2 channels:

  1. personal contact, run introductions, ask friends to bring a friend. Current national culture is distrustful of therapies.
  2. Ask therapists to recommend co-co after therapy.

Joke: NL advertising uses "Handle your emotions" and does not use term co-counselling

John Talbut:

  1. mass distribution through adult education colleges
  2. run access trainings:
    1. massage
    2. assertiveness
    3. intro to counselling

Jim: once participants have been to a residential they stay.

Future of co-counselling

Discussion deferred to 8:30pm Thurs 2nd August.


Minutes: Julian Briggs, 31st July 2001

Updated: 9th September 2001