2000 CCI European gathering, business meeting minutes

CCI Europe Business Meeting Minutes 2000

Tuesday 2nd August 2000, Termonfeckin, Ireland

1st draft

26 people attended the meeting which was held during the Europen CCI workshop. We accepted Declan Reddy's offer to chair and generated the agenda at the start of the meeting.


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  1. Report from business meeting 1999
  2. State of the nations (reports on national CCI networks)
  3. CCI 2001-4
  4. Internet
  5. Promotion/marketing of CCI (if time)


Report from business meeting 1999

Julian Briggs: this is on the CCI (UK) co-counsellors only website at: ___
[Sadly it is not, yet. Can anyone give me a copy of the business meeting 1999 minutes? Julian]

State of the nations (reports on national CCI networks)



John Talbut: Steady activity. 3 annual, national, residential workshops:

  1. Laurieston Hall: SW Scotland but organised by English cocos, ~65 cocos and children
  2. NW England: near Sheffield, ~35 cocos
  3. Grimstone Manor: in Devon, ~35 cocos

Few fundamentals have run. Many local communities are quiet (eg London, Manchester). East and West Midlands trained ~40 new cocos through regular fundamentals through Further Education Colleges.

Accrediting a co-counselling training course through the National Open College Network (NOCN). This will:

  1. make co-counselling courses attractive to FE colleges
  2. make courses accessible and viable: typically students pay ~£60 (~£10 if on benefit), trainers paid ~£600 (for a 40 hour course)
  3. tap the marketing and publicity of FE colleges
  4. offer students nationally recognised qualification (OCN credits)

(NOCN is a federation of local Open College Networks which accredit courses and award qualifications, typically in FE style non-academic courses.)

Peter Birtwell: London very quiet, no teacher development, membership has declined from 400 to 200 over the last few years.

Elisabeth MacDonald: West Yorkshire CC: dormant. Runs annual, family oriented, residential, ~30 cocos and children. One coco teacher in FE. Group of 4 teachers exploring self and peer accreditation.

Julian Briggs: Sheffield: strong and stable at ~70 cocos. Strong teachers group of 6. ~ 3 fundamentals/year, several well established peer groups, newsletter, annual residential. Hosts UK coco teachers residential workshop.

Paul Shevlin: Doncaster: Sheffield Teachers Group was involved in challenging a co-counselling teacher who was running a facilitator training course (for which coco was a pre-requisite and which accredited a coco teacher) on the issue of appropriate boundaries around physical intimacy with students. This specific issue has been resolved though some concerns remain.


Rudolf Giesselmann: International meeting of CCI communities from Hamburg, Munster, Hungary and NL. Rudolf will run 2 fundamentals with 12 participants each in November 2000.

Niek Sickenga: mentioned the Hamburg fundamentals and a workshop Siglind and Joke recently faciltated for 19 women in Muenster about peace. Haus Kloppenburg (http://www.haus-kloppenburg.de) Therapy centre offering short term therapy supported and followed by co-co.


Levente Fruttus: 10-15 active co-cos, 5-6 community days/eves per year in Budapest, 2 co-co courses per year, 2 weekend workshops per year (Saturday work, Friday and Sunday social). Mini CCI due Sept 2000. Ready for CCI-Europe-2001 at venue near Budapest. 2 new teachers (Ildi ??? and Hajni Fruttus). Professional Social Work Training (4 years) now has co-co as an option for part of the required 150 hours practical skills. Official recognition!


Declan Reddy: Dublin: 2-6 attend monthly meeting. Coco in doldrums. This may be the last CCI in Ireland.


Niek Sickenga: (Niek representing Nanno Huisman on his request as international contact person ad interim for CCN)

  1. membership declined from 500 (1990) to 180 recently; 8 active trainers (teach one or two courses per year)
  2. AGM at Nijmegen (June 17th) attended by 10
  3. CCN organises a national weekend on co-creating in October for active community organisers. CCN is represented on the website of the co-operative werkverband CCI Nederland;
  4. CCI World News Service is a personal initiative of a CCN-member and public since May 2000.
  5. Niek and Joke Stassen have had discussions with NL railways about overcoming stress from aggression, accidents and suicides by the travelling public; publication on websites and paper about this item are coming.

New Zealand

Val Montague: Wellington CCC strong, team teaching fundamentals over 2 weekends in high schools and adult education. Zenergy, an independent facilitation training organisation has coco as a pre-requisite, trains ~24 students/year and trains teachers. Also a Mens Group has coco teachers. Students from both these tend to form a community distinct from CCI and hold their trainers in high regard. Hope to establish coco in Australia. John Heron, now living North of Auckland, has set up the South Pacific Centre for Human Inquiry (www.human-inquiry.com) . soon.


Margaret Anderson: the community feels good and strong. There is little teaching and only a few new cocos coming in. Telephone co-counselling is used. Last year saw a childrens' social day.

Joy Fuller: co-co in Scotland is largely around Edinburgh. Glasgow community is growing and has a more anarchic flavour. Hosting CCI Europe 1999 and McCoCo, the annual, May residential, raised energy. JanPieter: The conflict of several years ago arose among other reasons from cocos having different aims. To avoid a repetition, I have developed the idea of working with co-operation agreements: working together towards a common purpose. In this way we organised the CCI-1999 in Scotland and the McCoCo workshops. I set up CornuCopia (www.co-cornucopia.org.uk), a loose co-operative umbrella under which many cocos with different views work together using co-operation agreements to help clarify their specific aims. CoCos don't need to have the same views as long as they can agree on a common action focus.

Under the CornuCopia umbrella

  • we run Co-Co-Plus workshops (for 3 years now) in which experienced cocos are paid to offer excellent workshops for which participants are willing to pay.
  • 3-4 people are exploring the creation of a Co-Counselling-Therapy Centre () drawing among others on the experience of Haus Kloppenburg (http://www.haus-kloppenburg.de) in Munster, Germany.
  • 3 people are planning to teach Fundamentals again in Edinburgh
  • we maintain a website and publish the CornuCopia publications, e.g. Rescue Triangle, good practices, etc.

Cornucopia is but one group within a multi-cultural CCI network in Scotland.


Bob Sawyer: over the last 30 months the CCI-USA community has...:

  1. Incorporated as a Non-Profit Organisation:
    1. charitable, educational
    2. can accept grants, bequests
    3. recognised by schools, adult education colleges, prisons
  2. Prisons: running basic co-co courses in mens prisons with continuity classes (1 Saturday/month). Starting in womens' prison soon. Cocos can go as helpers/trainers. So far no released prisoner has wanted to join the CCI community.
  3. Consensus policy changed to permit abstentions.
  4. Newsletter: considering changing to online distribution to cut workload, most members have internet access now. Will archive back copies online.
  5. Developed an outreach team: to support teachers

Dency Sargent: CCI-USA teachers group:

  1. Looking at Adult Ed intro to coco course (3-4 evenings)
  2. Developing outcome measures for coco graduates, driven by teaching in prisons but with wider use. These help participants clarify which areas require further work (eg interrupting, advice giving...)
  3. Developed guidelines for "Romantic and Sexual Attractions between participants" and "Romantic and Sexual Attractions between teachers and participants". These are intended to be supportive rather than punitive. Guidelines are given to students in their welcome pack. [Dency/Bob: can we have the url and link to these?]
  4. Strong confidence in group process: we successfully handled the prisons issue which was much harder than the Romantic and Sexual Attractions issue.
  5. Other areas:
    1. Boston: teacher, Liz Duff nearly completed training and commendation
    2. Buffalo:
    3. Michigan: Beth Barclay and Gaia Kile
    4. Tennessee: Jane Heald has initiated a small community, is not going for teacher training

See: CCI-USA contacts

CCI 2001-4

CCI-USA 2001
24th April. Wisdom House (excellent venue) $320
CCI 2001: Hungary:
29th July - 4th August 2001. Nyerges (36km south of Budapest), £200-230, 90 people in 2 and 4 bed rooms, swimming pool, sauna, woods, horse riding...
  • children welcome but childcare should be arranged during workshop times
  • Contacts:
    • Saci Laszlo
      1124 Budapest, Pagony u.5.I.3. Hungary
      Phone (361) 15-63-924
      email: saciattelnet [dot] hu (Saci Laszlo)
    • Csaba Ghghimessy
      1036 Budapest, Lajos u.115.VIII. 44.
      Phone: (361) 387-6431
      email: ghimessyatmatavnet [dot] hu (Csaba Ghimessy)
  • Teachers workshop: 28th July 2000
CCI 2002: Netherlands
more info later
CCI 2003: Britain
A group is planning this probably in England
CCI 2004:
Group of anyone interested was proposed to start considering possibilities for supporting the organisation of CCI in Ireland, Germany or elsewhere.



www.co-counselling.org registered as a gateway to other CCI sites.

Promotion/marketing of CCI

This was not covered for lack of time.


Minutes: Julian Briggs, 8th August 2000