Independent Co-Counselling Communities
J. Heron; J. Talbut

John Heron: Independent Co-counselling Communities.
John Talbut: Independent Co-counselling Communities.

Independent Co-Counselling Communities.

John Heron (25 Dec 96)

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The Definition of Co-Counselling and The Co-Counselling International
J. Talbut

March 1993 version.

The Co-Counselling International is a network of individuals and groups.


Any person or group who:

  1. understands and complies with the principles of International Co-Counselling, and
  2. has had at least 40 hours of training from a member of The Co-Counselling International, and
  3. understands the concepts and workings of patterns, catharsis or discharge and re-evaluation

is a member of The Co-Counselling International.

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A definition of Co-counselling International
J. Heron

CCI is a planet-wide association of individuals and local networks committed to affirm a core discipline of co-counselling while encouraging, on an international and co-operative basis, the advancement of sound theory, effective practice, network development and planetary transformation.

Local networks of co-counsellors within CCI are independent, self-governing peer organizations, exploring ways of being effective social structures while avoiding all forms of authoritarian control.

Any person and network is a member of CCI if :

Co-Counselling International - Guidelines
D. Sargent; T. Sargent; J. Heron

Co-Counselling International is an international federation of Co-Counsellors and Co-Counselling communities.


Its purpose is to facilitate interaction of Co-Counselling communities by:

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