CCI business meeting minutes

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This project is for collecting the minutes of any business meetings that take place at CCI international gatherings with the purpose to making them more accessible to the Co-Counselling Community as a whole.

So, if you have somewhere some minutes that are missing here, please submit them. Please join this project to add these minutes.

Use Create Meeting Minutes to add new minutes.

  • This project can be used for draft minutes open for amendment by attendees. In that case set its Workflow property to GroupEdit (means that all this group's subscribers can edit the draft minutes) or CoCoEdit (means all co-counsellors can view and edit the draft.
  • When the Minutes have been finalised set its Workflow property to GroupRead (meaning only readable in this group) or CoCoRead (meaning all co-counsellors can read it.)
  • Start the title with the year, so all minutes can be easily sorted by year. This will increase the overview which minutes of a year are available..

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