John Heron is being buried today, 21st December 2022 in the Memorial Woodlands Earthcott Green in the Bristol area. I give thanks for his long life and the depth of influence his pioneering work has had on my own life. He was a co-founder of Cocounselling International. He continued to practise cocounselling and to influence the Self Empowerment processes of Cocounselling International members worldwide into his 90s. Thank you John. Your work allowed me to develop in many uncharted ways through creative engagement with my inner worlds and in engaged relationship with our shared outer worlds. Your life of service has helped thousands of people live more lovingly, creatively and authentically. Your conscious focus has powerfully influenced loving, clear, transformative peer group processes world-wide. Journey forth in celebration and gratitude, aware of how loved you are by those who grew into fuller Human Being assisted by your insight and open heartedness. It is Midwinter Solstice in Scotland. The darkest day when the sun stands still gives us pause to examine whab we are leting go and to welcome the return of the Light as we manifest our best for the coming year.  Blessed BE all of yea. Love Lilian xxxx