It is a well-known fact from society that people who seem to appear different or not 'normal' are more at risk to be treated in a way that they don't feel included or even rejected. Think of younger and older people, native English and non-native English speakers, homosexuals, travellers or immigrants. When we talk about celebrating diversity at the CCI, it is important to reflect on how accepted people felt when they were being seen as being 'different' or behaving differently on a CCI.

I would like to invite you to share your experiences and insights so that we can take the issues raised into preparing for a good culture setting, celebrating Diversity in Co-Counselling.

I would like to propose the following format for feedback:

  • first tell what was good about the way you being 'different' have been treated at CCI
  • next, speak about what was less good or not good at all and about what is in more or less strong need for improvement.

You might want to submit your experience anonymously. For how to this see the issue on the support forum