Fri 5 Apr. to Sun 7 Apr., Fri 3 May. to Sun 5 May. Co-Counselling (CCI) Core Training
In Truro with Jean Brant. (Dates and times to be confirmed)

Jean Brant: jb [at] jebrant [dot] co [dot] uk. 07964 188050

Sat 13 Apr., Sun 14 Apr., Sat 11 May., Sun 12 May., Sat 1 Jun., Sun 2 Jun. Bristol Co-counselling Fundamentals Training
ABOUT COCO: ---------------------------------------- CCI co-counselling is a simple, but powerful way of giving and receiving support as equals: a confidential, non-judgemental, boundaried space to...

QUESTIONS? Feel free to email Owen cocosquirrel [at] riseup [dot] net
Or phone Lucy 07519270422

Sat 1 Jun., Sun 2 Jun., Sat 15 Jun., Sun 16 Jun., Sun 30 Jun. Five-Day London Co-Counselling Training: Spring 2019
This co-counselling training, run by long-time CCI co-counselling teacher Tonya Stewart (Tonya has been teaching co-counselling since she was 20), runs over five days at weekends in June 2019. Cost...

Tonya Stewart

Tel: 07919 00 6845

Email: tonyaatlittlewhitefeather [dot] co [dot] uk

Website: www.littlewhitefeather.net

Facebook: @ lwfeather or tonya gabrielle stewart

Twitter: @_whitefeather

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Sat 1 Jun. to Sun 2 Jun., Sat 15 Jun., Sat 29 Jun. to Sun 30 Jun. Co-Counselling (CCI) Core Training
With John Talbut

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