'A wonderful experience, maybe even life-changing!  Fantastic..... I enjoyed the course, its challenges, its laughter, its thought-provoking ideas and its potential for the future.​Thanks again Richard.’
- Martin Davies, Leeds​

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The aim of this course is to help you live autonomously, creatively and in touch with your emotions, uncovering hidden parts of yourself. Co-counselling challenges the view that some feelings are taboo and that you should not have them. It can help you come to terms with your past and your present, so that your feelings have less of a grip on you. This is a powerful opportunity to develop self-awareness, authenticity and personal strength.  Even if you decide to go no further with co-counselling after the course, I plan for the two weekends to be a significant experience in their own right. 

The course covers the whole co-counselling syllabus and is a complete training in the CCI Core Training (also referred to as 'Fundamentals of Co-Counselling'.  After successful completion of the course you can use the skills in pair-work, groups, workshops and at CCI co-counselling events worldwide.  

Find out more about my approach at http://richardmills.co.uk/​

(Important Note: it's important to be physically comfortable when doing co-counselling, so if you need to sit on a chair that's absolutely fine.)




A deposit of £50 secures your place. 

Website: http://richardmills.co.uk/

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(NB. Dates for part 2 are: Friday 6th November 2015, Saturday 7th November 2015, and Sunday 8th November 2015)


Richard Mills, BA, PGDIM, BSc, LGSMD
+ BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist
+ Confidence and Assertiveness Trainer
+ CCI Co-Counselling Trainer

More testimonials

‘…powerful, challenging and exciting… an excellent and inspirational facilitator.'   
- Rosalind Ashling Perth

‘…he also had us laughing and celebrating what's good about ourselves.’  
- Tracy Shippey, York


‘…sensitive observation, precise communication, warmth and humour.’   
- Alan Carver, Leeds

'A wonderful experience, maybe even life-changing! I enjoyed the course, its challenges, its laughter, its thought-provoking ideas and its potential for the future. I met some great people in the group. It opened my eyes to a new way of working on self-development - truly democratic and self-empowering.
Richard introduced us to the concepts and we learned through trying things out in a supportive, friendly environment. The basics are simple to grasp and there is plenty of scope for reflection and discussion around practice sessions.'
- Martin Davies, Leeds

‘You were an easy going facilitator that enabled me to feel at ease throughout the training. Your sense of humor allowed me to bring clarity and focus to the issues I found most challenging. For this I am most grateful.’ C.C., Leeds
Know Yourself! CCI Core Training

'All 5 days of the co-counselling course were thoroughly engaging (!). Richard's playfulness and open mindedness made me realise that working through issues (stuff) doesn't have to be depressing or frightening. There was lots of gaiety brought about through playing games. I feel that the course allowed me to greatly improve emotional fluidity and learn techniques that I can apply independently thereafter, so in a way the benefits are still to come (!) depending on how I use the tool'

- Joanna Klopotek, Leeds

"Just wanted to say thanks for sharing that part of yourself with the group, it was shocking, but in a good and memorable way. (My issue) seemed a bit insignificant afterwards... But I acknowledge you shared something very personal and I appreciated that. People really do have a lot of issues, your two classes have been great for me, so thank you." 

 - Paul Musgrove, Leeds

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