Scottish Subscription Magazine

During the workshop on Saturday the future of the hard copy Zest newsletter/magazine will be discussed.  This was also covered at a CoCo Cafe AGM table.

An important issue is whether a subscription-based stand-alone newsletter could be viable, and if it is not, how its continuation could be guaranteed financially should CCIS agree to dissolve itself as a Constitutional body. 

One possibility would be to use some of the residual CCIS funds, if this was agreed during any planned wind-down of CCIS.  Another possibility might be to get support from the Coco Foundation. 

Workshop about Networking

The Sunday workshop is set-up to explore the routes open to establish effective networking among co-counsellors in Scotland, With this we mean finding ways to support co-counsellors to find meaningful and relevant connections among themselves. By doing so, we hope to increase a wider community awareness.

Holding both workshops over a single weekend should promote integrated discussion.  It will also allow people who need to travel to the workshops to make one trip rather than two. 

Event Dates
Saturday, 26 January, 2013 - 09:30 to Monday, 28 January, 2013 - 16:55
At Sheila's
33 Scotland Street
Edinburgh EH3 6PY
United Kingdom
Phone: 0131-5572419
Contact Information

Lilian Brzoska 077 6584 1583

Sheila 0131-557 2419