How can we inspire and support international engagement in CCI?

Questions we think of at the moment are: How can we support people with a different first language from English at the CCI 2018 in Scotland? How can we  bring people internationally together who do not know of each other how useful it can be to connect to each other? How can tools as Skype and ooVoo contribute to this? How can we bridge the various generations within CCI? 

During the Conference we will adopt the ‘Co-operative enquiry’ method developed by John Heron and Peter Reason. The sharing of our experiences will deepen our Self Understanding and help us be more effective in supporting others to engage internationally. As usual for the McCoCo Conference this sharing will result into a report to the coco community at large, published on CoCoInfo.

The conference will take place the 2 May 2017 and Lilian Brzoska will host it in Sheila's house in Edinburgh.

Interested to attend?  Contact

Lilian on 01592-566 865/ 077 6584 1583 or liliannakennedyatgmail[dot]com

JanPieter 0131-551 6146 or janpieteratco-cornucopia[dot]org[dot]uk

Since 2011 we organise the McCoCo Conference the day after McCoCo so that its participants can easily attend as well, This will be the fourth one.

In 2011 the theme was What can we learn from 'Haus Kloppenburg' as a Co-Counselling Business Model?

In 2012: 'Empowerment and the Empowering the Client to be in Charge of the session.'

in 2013: 'Supporting the networking among co-counsellors', among others about CoCo Open Space

in 2014: 'What situations are critical in the client and counsellor roles?

in 2015  'Empowering the Client-in charge to improve daily life'

in 2016  'Empowering the Client-in charge to improve daily life-2'

The McCoCo 2017 page

Event Dates
Tuesday, 2 May, 2017 - 10:00 to Wednesday, 3 May, 2017 - 16:55
at Sheila's
33 Scotland Street
Edinburgh EH3 6PY
United Kingdom
Phone: 077 6584 1583

Bring food to share.

Sleeping accommodation

We can probably provide accommodation in Edinburgh... :)

Money matters
Costs of attending: 

A donation.

Bring food to share for lunch.

Payment arrangements

Cash on arrival.

Registration / Booking Information

Contact one of us.

Contact Information

JanPieter. 078 9968 7111.

Lilian 077 6584 1583