Supporting the networking among co-counsellors

There is a diversity of views of what is meant by “Networking”.  There is some commonality: increasing relevant connections among co-counsellors and finding ways to support those connections as well as wider community awareness.  We believe that facilitation the process of networking among co-counsellors is a valuable way forward and hope that this conference will contribute to a deeper insight into how we can achieve this.

My best hope for the conference is that we produce some end results that can be given back to the community. That can be anything arising from the conference, for instance sharing our experiences of teaching or being taught to be in charge of our session.  I myself am thinking of writing writing an article about Empowerment for CoCoPedia.

Together we will design the conference program so that we can inspire each other with what matters most to us around the Client-in-Charge and Empowerment.

The summary of sharings you can find in this mindmap made by Marjan.

Since 2011 we organise the day after McCoCo the McCoCo Conference, This will be the third one.

In 2011 the theme was What can we learn from 'Haus Kloppenburg' as a Co-Counselling Business Model?
In 2012: 'Empowerment and the Empowering the Client to be in Charge of the session.'

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Tuesday, 7 May, 2013 - 10:00 to Wednesday, 8 May, 2013 - 16:55
at Lilian's
465-D High Street
Kirkcaldy, Fife KY1 2SN
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