European CCI 2019 in Germany

Type of Event: 

Once again, we invite you to come to Germany: From 21. – 27. July 2019, we will meet in Haus Ohrbeck in Georgsmarienhütte (near Osnabrück/Münster).

The venue offers all sorts of rooms - single, double, 3-bed, with bathroom, or shared facilities. There are only 15 spaces for campers on the premises. Currently, late March, all room types are still available, except for double rooms with shared facilities.

The venue is a former monastery where we were welcomed in 2014 already with great hospitality. Its location at the edge of a village allows for walking and cycling in the park-like landscape, making it at the same time conveniently reachable by public transport.


Event Dates
Sunday, 21 July, 2019 - 17:00 to Saturday, 27 July, 2019 - 14:00
Haus Ohrbeck
Am Boberg 10 Holzhausen
Georgsmarienhütte, Niedersachsen 49124
Phone: +49- 5401 3360
Niedersachsen DE

Breakfast, 3-course buffet lunch, teatime, dinner

The food is made with fresh, organic, seasonal products of regional origin. There is a choice of vegetarian dishes. Vegan food, as well as special diets, can be offered prior to the event.

Money matters

Costs of attending: 

Room prices in €:

Single ensuite     530

Single shared bathroom / double ensuite   460

(Double shared bath   414) - SOLD OUT

3-bed ensuite 390

Camping   340

Early bird rebate: - 40 before 15th March 2019

Night owl surcharge: + 30 after 22nd June 2019

Down payment: at least 150 € 


Payment arrangements

Please see the flyer for bank account data. If you cannot open the flyer, or if you have any questions, contact me: verena_schuette(at)



Registration / Booking Information

Send an email, or send the printed booking form to:

markus [dot] papenbergatweb [dot] de

Markus Papenberg

Thomas-Morus-Weg 34

48147 Münster


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Contact Information

Ulla Sandmann:   sandulatt-online[dot]de

Markus Papenberg:   markus[dot]papenbergatweb[dot]de

Money matters - Verena Schütte:   verena_schuetteatyahoo[dot]de