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CoCo Open Space is a gentle interactive process with a main focus of bringing together co-counsellors with shared interests and common needs so that they can co-create a meaningful and relevant Co-Counselling cooperation that matters to them.

Once these shared interests have been clarified we will negotiate a program of further skills workshops for the weekend. As there are so many possibilities we shall run only those further skills workshops for which there is an interest from some of the people present at the Coco-Open Space.

At the end of Sunday afternoon we will pull everything together in such a way that people can support each other with moving their topic forward.

We will offer Further Skills workshops under the umbrella of four themes. Any co-counsellor who would like to offer a Further Skills workshop under one of these umbrellas is welcome. Please contact us.

1. Exploring your Here-and-Now: Radical acknowledgement
Potential workshops on offer: Exploring the Felt Sense in your body, Focusing: listening to your body sensations, Using voice and sounds, Hearing yourself think, Using dance and movement, ID check, Emotional expression: playing with the trigger, Physical nurturing: holding and being held, Facing up to and exploring a (too) big issue, Using drawing and painting, Writing, A fish-bowl group, Role-play

2. Your Here-and-Now: Give yourself a Future
Potential workshops on offer: Pain-to-Power, Being seen: Getting beyond Shame and guilt, The art of creating powerful questions.

Getting beyond past skeletons to create your future: Video-technique, The Miracle question, Turning your past into an asset

3. Develop your Future further and make it work
Potential workshops on offer: Dilemma and indecision, Life action contract, the Creation Spiral, Other support contracts.

4. Get more effective socially
Potential workshops on offer: Living with disagreements, Getting the best out of conflicts, ANSA (Aware Negotiation of Sexual Attraction)

If you cannot attend the workshop,
and still want to be involved in one or more workshops…

If you cannot be there at all but are interested in being included please email us your Topic of Interest or make a Topic poster and hand it in to Sheila. We will include it in the potential choices, offered as available for people to consider and group around.

Your Topic Poster

  • what topic or issue matters to you: title and description
  • what you would like to offer and what support you need
  • what type of cooperation arrangement you would like to have

If you can only attend part of the workshop…

You are welcome to attend this Open Space, even if you are not available for the whole weekend, though being there on Saturday morning will make it easier for you to negotiate time to share with others. You could then leave and return at an agreed time on Saturday or Sunday to work with those you identify as having a shared interest.

We recommend that if possible you pick the timeslots you will attend with the following priorities in mind:

1. The Saturday morning, the start-up of CoCo Open Space
2. The Sunday afternoon from 1600, when we finalise the action planning after this CoCo Open Space
3. The whole Sunday afternoon, as this is the lead-up to 2.
4. Saturday afternoon and/or the Sunday morning

Inform Lilian or JanPieter so that they can take your arrival into account.

Event Dates
Saturday, 27 September, 2014 - 10:00 to 17:30
Sunday, 28 September, 2014 - 10:00 to 17:30
At Sheila's
33 Scotland Street
Edinburgh EH3 6PY
United Kingdom
Money matters
Costs of attending: 

Whatever donation will cover venue costs, expenses and remunerations of the Further Skills trainers:
Suggestion full weekend: £20.
One workshop only £10

Please, bring food to share for lunch.

Payment arrangements

Donate cash on arrival

Registration / Booking Information
  • Register on-line through CoCoInfo
    To see the Register tab and register on-line you need to be logged in.
  • Phone Sheila. If necessary leave a message on her answering machine
  • Simply turn up if you decide at the last minute.
Contact Information

For more information or booking, contact Sheila 0131-557 2419 .

For offering a Further Skills workshop
JanPieter 0131-551 6146,
Lilian 01592-566 865 or