a two-day workshop offered by Lilian Brzoska and JanPieter Hoogma

This workshop will provide you with opportunities to share and move forward any issue or challenge you might have with

  • Connecting to yourself, being yourself,  and connecting to other people varying from friendly  to intimate and physical contact
  • Isolation ranging from spending lots of time on your own to feeling lonely whether that happens in company of other people or being on your own.

The workshop’s program will be focused on the issues you and other people bring.

Networking: Support groups and Buddies

We will also look at opportunities to set up support groups and buddies.  From the grapevine we picked already up some suggestions for topical support groups: ‘People caring for an ailing partner or parent’ and ‘Physical intimacy and support’. If requested we will offer also ways of how people can run these support groups in a safe and sensitive way.

Weaving the Cathartic and CornuCopia Approaches

At the last AGM in November 2011 we have been asked to demonstrate the commonalities and differences between the Cathartic and CornuCopia approach.  We will also look how people from different training backgrounds can feel safe having sessions together.

We will use the various Connection and Isolation topics to demonstrate in which common and different ways the two Co-Counselling approaches contribute to working on these topics.


Cost of the two-day workshop
Full rate £40; Intermediate £30,  Concessions £15
Anyone with financial difficulties should contact Sheila Lochrie.

Booking and Information

Contact  Sheila
sglochrieatyahoo[dot]co[dot]uk or  0131-557 2419

Event Dates
Saturday, 17 March, 2012 - 10:00 to Monday, 19 March, 2012 - 16:55
At Sheila's
33 Scotland Street
Edinburgh EH3 6PY
United Kingdom
Contact Information

Booking and Information

Contact  Sheila

sglochrieatyahoo[dot]co[dot]uk or  0131-557 2419

Program information

Lilian  0131-3324548.or 

JanPieter 0131-551 6146