Journey into Light
Coming to the Heart of Europe

Journey into Light

Dear Co-Counsellors,

In 2016 the hosting team for CCI Europe is the Hungarian Co-Counselling community. We have been an active group since (1984)1986, initiated into "life" by our dedicated teacher, Mary Corr...kept in a flow by the ongoing team of a few dedicated co-counsellors and refreshed by a few new people joining us. There is also a Co-Counselling Teachers' Learning Gathering open to all co-counsellors,

How can CoCounselling serve the growing need for Mindful Presence in Times of Chaos and Fear?

What we are experiencing in the world, a

nd now in Europe related to our social, ecological systems are posing some key challenges for us all. We are being confronted with past, present and an uncertain future. By now we are seeing the global interconnectedness of our actions on a personal scale as well. How can we cope and thrive in the here and now?

The CCI is open to all co-counsellors who have completed their fundamental training. We will put on a workshop for newcomers to CCI or for co-counsellors who feel that their skills have become a bit rusty.

Event Dates
Sunday, 24 July, 2016 - 15:00 to Sunday, 31 July, 2016 - 08:55
Nyerges Hotel
Hegyessy Tanya 3.
Monor 2200
Sleeping accommodation

HMonor hotelotel Nyerges is in the middle of a nice large green area which has a romantic pond with swans and wild ducks. It has an indoor  thermal water  pool with its own spring, a jacuzzi, a sauna and an outdoor swimming pool with decks. It is the biggest thatched roof hotel in Central Europe with a nice style typical of the Great Hungarian Plain. We will have exclusive use of the hotel.

Children We can accommodate children, please talk to us in the registration form and/or by email. We cannot provide child care, though. It will be the responsibility of the parents.


The rooms have been refurbished from five years before and they all have wifi connection and a fan. We can have our meals on the covered open terrace outside the restaurant.

There will be double and triple rooms, all en suite. There is the Major Motel nearby for single occupancy.

Single rooms in the hotel will be allocated for people with special health needs. Please find a friend and share.

Camping: It is possible to camp and campers can shower in the spa area.


Relaxation and Local Culture
Lots of possibilities to relax:  a tennis court etc. You can also have the Hungarian Experience e.g. horse riding or sitting on a horse-driven coach or even wine-tasting nearby!

Please write to us in the comments section of your registration form, if you are interested in any of them. We now have a piano available. We are committed to have a night of Hungarian culture.

Hotel Nyerges is easily accessible from the airport (15 kms).
The hotel runs taxis. Costs are cca. 22 eu for one person, the cost can be shared, if there are more people sharing.

Money matters
Costs of attending: 

Fee details
Workshop fee + full board

Single en-suite room: € 510 -   before May 1: € 480
Double en-suite room: € 460 - before May 1: €430

Triple en-suite room: €440 - before May 1: € 410
Camping pp  € 410 -  before May 1: € 380
Early Bird booking deadline: May 1.

Your donation will help other people with less financial power to attend the event.

We will do our best to give a bursary to those who might otherwise not be able to come. Those who need a bursary should tick the box in money matters.

Payment arrangements
Deposit of 40% to be transfered to Ariadne Gaia Foundation by May 1st.
Account information MagNet bank:
address: 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 98.
Account: SWIFT: HBWEHUHB EURO: IBAN: HU59 1620 0106 1157 1838 0000 0000 and ( HUF: 16200106-11566841 00000000 )
In case of cancellation deposit is refunded until June 22nd after registration costs of 5% deduced.
We are working on you being able to transfer deposits in GBP or USD. We will notify you shortly.

The balance should be paid in Euros at arrival.

Registration / Booking Information

You can only book through Google:

If you have a problem, please contact us.

Contact Information

Central email for all registrations and requests: cocohungaryatgmail[dot]com 

If you want to write to us personally for any other reason:

Ágota Ruzsa, ruzsa[dot]agotaatgmail[dot]com
Csaba Ghimessy, ghimessyatgmail[dot]com 
Dónal Ó Néill, donal[dot]o[dot]neillatgmail[dot]com,
Hajni Fruttus, fruttushajniatdunaweb[dot]hu 
Kami, kamiildiatyahoo[dot]com  
Saci László, saci[dot]laszloatgmail[dot]com
Gabi Sorecz,soreczgatgmail[dot]com  in German