The Client is the person working in a session on his or her issues, with the attention of a counsellor. A client is sometimes referred to as the "Worker", “Explorer” or "Creator" in the Co-Creating Contract.

Clients are responsible for:

  • structuring their session and deciding how to approach their material
  • choosing and negotiating the session contract that best fits their needs while clienting
  • maintaining Balance Of Attention when working on deep emotional stuff.

There is a different, potentially confusing, use of the word 'Counsellor' in Germany.
People can only really be in charge of their session if they are able to 'counsel' themselves. It is exactly for this reason that people trained in the Haus Kloppenburg approach have decided in the past to call their Clients 'Counsellor'. And their Counsellor 'Co-Counsellor!