The abbreviation 'CCI' has several meanings within Co-Counselling, all related to each other.

  1. CCI - Co-Counselling International
  2. CCI - the CCI residential workshops
  3. CCI - CoCoInfo smiley
  4. CCI - Co-Creating International.

Co-Counselling International

The network of individuals and groups who support each other to get on with life in an emotionally healthy, rational and creative way. Setup in 1974 by John Heron, Tom and Dency Sargent with Co-Counselling International - Guidelines as founding document. A more recent, de facto common understanding of how one supports each other can be found in John Heron''s "A definition of CCI" 1996.

The CCI Residential workshops

The International Residential workshops organised under the umbrella of Co-Counselling International: Some of them are very international, like the yearly 'CCIs' in Europe and the USA or the less frequent ones in New-Zealand and Israel. The more more locally oriented  workshops are unlikely to be named 'CCI', but are often known under their venue name, e.g Unstone Grange or a venue-independent name like McCoCo. In the Netherlands they are called 'Landelijke Weekenden', translated 'National weekends'.


This web site, supporting the networking of co-counsellors under the Co-Counselling umbrella and building a knowledge base of theory, practical guidelines and personal experiences.

Co-Creating International

A variation of CCI co-counselling, stressing the spiritual universe, developed by John Heron.