A manual meant
to support CCI event organisers
to increase the amount of well-organised CCI events

This manual is a Wiki book. That means that all co-counsellors can contribute to its content and quality. Its aim is to bring together all the experience that can lead to really good CCI events, whether that is a Community Day, Residential Workshop or a big CCI workshop.

To share is to multiply...

Sharing your experience, your insights and your language skills feeds into an spiral of abundance. Here it will lead to more and better CCI workshops which in turn will make your heart sing and support people to use co-counselling more effectively in their lives.

How can you contribute

1. Share your suggestions and experiences around co-counselling events in the right place.

This helps people in the future to find easier your contributions.

If you want

  • to share a good or less good CCI event experience as participant write an article or blog either in a specific group/project or generally made available for all co-counsellors visiting this web site.
  • to know what options you have to deal with a bad or less good experience, describe your experience and ask for suggestions in the 'How can I...?' support forum.
  • to raise an general issue about CCI events, describe it and ask for suggestions from other co-counsellors in the 'How can we as network/community...' support forum.
  • to discuss or challenge suggestions of this manual, add a comment on the page with the suggestion you would like to discuss.
  • to add alternative approaches to those already in the manual, please edit its page and add your suggestions there.

2. Improve on the language and texts in this manual.

Any improvement that makes the text more readable, more grammatically correct is welcome.

When thinking about restructuring this manual, be aware that its structure has been set up with the following in mind:

  • All chapters has been set up in more or less chronological order
  • Also an attempt has been made to make each chapter as an entity in itself
    with references and links to other chapters where relevant.

This enables people to read only the chapter that is relevant at a certain time while it prevents that one has to read the whole manual in one go. So any improvement that contributes to this readability is welcome!