Opening Circle & Feedback on Day 2 - same format

Teaching Practice – The group was split into 2; each person had 30 minutes. They needed to brief the recipient group as to their state of readiness, tell them what aspect of coco they were going to teach, teach the theory, and provide a demonstration. They would then take any questions from the group. Each person would then debrief themselves before taking the debrief from group members. This was an opportunity for the groups and individuals to take full responsibility for the process, as usually G and I went for a walk!  

Feedback on the morning – because we had been away, it was always a real insight into how the participants would be able to facilitate a real group in their own time. The assessment on day 5 would depend on everyone’s perceptions as we went through the week, and clearly this episode was fundamental to the accreditation that members received later regarding their facilitator skills.

Short Straw 5/6, Extra session of Short Straw 7 to better manage the timing on the last day.

Closing Circle & Resent/Appreciate on the day – as usual

Closure – as normal