The role is best filled by one person who can provide some storage space

Key Tasks.

To keep in stock sufficient teaching manuals and other materials to supply and sell to members and individual students - particularly for Fundamentals

1.     To keep in stock to supply and sell as requested other co-counselling material for CCIS members

2.     To keep financial and other records.

What does the Mailshop Organiser need to know to do this job?

1.     Which manuals or other materials teachers or CCIS members are likely to request

2.     Contact details and costs of manuals and other materials

3.     The amount of budget held by the treasurer for the mailshop

What are the deadlines the Mailshop Organiser needs to keep?

1.     To provide manuals etc for sale to teachers and members when required.

2.     To produce a report to the AGM including accounts of any financial dealings

Who could help, support or liaise with the Mailshop Organiser to do this job?

CCIS members, the Treasurer and other post-holders, teachers, AGM convenors and convenors of Focus Groups.