What about people with different incomes?

Travel grants or fees grants?

Group discounts or individual discounts


Diminishing Financial Risks for the Organisers


Safe budgeting in general

Under estimating the income & over-estimating the costs
To prevent unpleasant surprises: over-estimate the expenses & under estimate the income. When you are budgeting and hoping for the best that the expenses will lower and the income higher than expected, there is a big chance for making a big loss.

Working with good and bad scenarios to forecast losses
using a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excell

Planning the expenses

Flexible fee contracts with facilitators & child minders
Make the fee partially dependent on the income of the workshops. If the income are such you get minimally £ xxx. If the income is better, they get proportionally more until a certain ceiling.

Be aware of cancellations costs.
If you book a venue for 50 people and only 40 turn up, you may have to pay the full charges for the 10 people not turning up.
Ways of preventing this:
= signed booking forms to pay ........
= warning that the money is due even when they don't turn up
= higher deposit to prevent quasi bookings
= a good contract with the venue to limit maximum damages

10% unforeseen expenditure
Once it happened that

Is VAT included in the rent of the venue?
Once it happened that

Planning the income

Different ways of supporting people with low income to attend the workshop

  • charge the fee on different income levels (Scottish approach)
  • create a grant fund and ask Co-Counsellors to give money as support to Co-Counsellors with low income (USA approach)

A real ‘Money' Person in your team

Before you start to search for venues! because

with a proper financial administration


Acquiring Financial Backing

by your Co-Counselling Community or Network.

What to do with the profit?


People available for consultation