The role of the International Contact Person is to facilitate communication between CCIS and the outside world.

Key Tasks

To make sure that contact names and details for CCIS are correct wherever they appear - either on the web, or in other co-counselling publications or on websites.

To receive any queries for information about CCIS and to deal with them, or to pass them on to the appropriate person or persons.

What does the International Contact Person need to know to do this job?

The International Contact Person needs to have a computer and to be able to access the Internet.

He/she needs to have an understanding of CCIS, and who its current postholders are, and what are their roles.

He/she also needs to be aware of the year's timetable, and what major events or workshops are planned.

What are the deadlines the International Contact Person needs to meet?

To deal with any enquiries within a reasonable space of time.

To contribute to the Network Report about the year's contacts.

Who could help, support or liaise with the International Contact Person?

  • Any postholder, and in particular the editorial team of the Network Report
  • Any person running a workshop or event in Scotland
  • Any individual member of CCIS.