This role can be filled by one, or shared by several, co-counsellors.

Key Tasks

1. To organise and publicise a programme of regular Community Days hosted by CCIS members, mainly in the Edinburgh area

  • To liaise with membership (mostly by phone).
  • To persuade approximately 12 members per year to offer their homes as venues for a day (usually the first Saturday or Sunday of the month.
  • To publish details of forthcoming Community Days in the quarterly CCIS newsletter.

2. To support hosts

  • By supplying information, advice and support prior to the Community Day
  • To follow up any issues arising from Community Days
  • To ensure that hosts collect appropriate fees at Community Days and pass on 50% to Treasurer

3. To encourage participation of membership

  • To encourage new CCIS members to participate in Community Days by supplying relevant information to Fundamentals teachers
  • To encourage established CCIS members to participate in Community Days, and to act as hosts and mentors to newer members
  • To try to accommodate requirements of membership in the Community Day programme.

4. To feed back to CCIS Network

  • To liaise with rest of membership team
  • To raise any issues arising from Community Days with other relevant postholders.
  • To compile a report of the year's activities for the AGM network report

What do Community Day Organisers need to know to do this job?

  • the Newsletter - their deadlines, publishing needs
  • the Membership List - to establish which members are willing to act as host, who can help with facilitation, who attends Community Days regularly and which members (e.g. new) may need additional support/encouragement to attend.
  • Current Guidelines for Community Days (e.g. timings, required advance notice to Hosts, procedures re fee collection). These may change from year to year as decided by AGM and will include -
  • What is required of Hosts i.e. to provide soup and basics for lunch, to define facilities available and any 'ground rules' in the home (e.g. re noise etc), to collect fees and send takings to Treasurer, to have the right to 'take a back seat' and nominate another participant to facilitate the day.
  • What is required of Participants - to notify Hosts in advance of attendance, to arrive promptly, to bring food to share.
  • What is required of the Group on the Day - to be prepared to negotiate activities/timings on the day, and contribute needs, wants and offers.
  • Fee Collection Procedures - in order to communicate details of these to Hosts. Current policy is that the onus is on Hosts to collect and send monies direct to the Treasurer, after deducting 50% of takings to cover own costs. Fees/concessions for Community Days are £2 per whole day, £1 per half day and half price for low earners.

What are the deadlines the Community Day Organiser needs to keep?

  • Newsletter copy dates -to supply quarterly advance details of next 4 community days - (1st of every March, June, September and December)
  • Ring round membership to organise/confirm next quarter's community days by the month before Newsletter deadlines ( i.e. February, May, August and November)
  • Contribute to Network report (by end August)
  • Feedback to the AGM - (November)

Who could help, support or liaise with the Community Day Organiser to do this job?

  • The Membership Administration Team
  • CCIS Members - by offering to host or to help facilitate Community Days
  • The Newsletter Editorial Team
  • The Treasurer
  • The Convenor/s of the AGM
  • Previous Community Day Organisers