1. For the newsletter to appear regularly four times a year, which are currently in March, June, September and December.
  2. For it to contain up-to-date membership lists and the necessary information for the upkeep of the Scottish network.
  3. For it to contain full listings/information on relevant Scottish and other CCI workshops, including community days.
  4. For the newsletter's house-style to be suited to the needs of the members of the network.
  5. For the content to reflect the nature and interest of the network and to be relevant to co-counselling.
  6. That while discussion and dialogue about ideas and issues in co-counselling are encouraged, no contributions will be published that are personally critical of any co-counsellor.  If the newsletter editors find reports to be personally critical of any co-counsellor then the reports should go the Safety Focus Group.
  7. Complaints about the newsletter, which cannot be resolved at the Newsletter Focus Group, may be taken to the Safety Focus Group.
  8. That in the event of unforeseen disaster, the editors ask for whatever help they need from the network to make sure the calendar of events, the workshop information and the membership and contacts list appear in the due month.