Factors to be considered:

  • Competing dates with other Co-Counselling Workshops
  • Competing dates with other events
  • generally established dates, like the CCI-Europe is always around the change of July into August, the Scottish Summer Week always the first week that the whole of Scotland has its summer holiday
  • shifts in holidays dates, e.g. Easter holidays

How many days?
  • People who have to travel a lot, are more prepared to do it, if the workshop takes about half a week or when the workshop can be combined with an attractive holiday in about the same area.
  • Stay over for people who have to travel a lot.
    When there is a week workshop, finish the workshop in the evening, and rent the venue for the next morning.
  • If you negotiate a leaving time, consider that people generally take about 2 hours longer than the official leaving time. To prevent that you are getting crushed between the people who rent the venue to you and the leaving Co-Counsellors, announce the official leaving time at least two hours earlier than the one agreed with the leavers.
  • CCI-International workshops
    They cover usually 5-6 nights, so that it is worthwhile for people to make the long journey.